Yarnell 19 Part Timers

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    I just saw a story on the news regarding a Mom of one of the Yarnell 19 Part-timers fighting for full time benefits for her deceased Son's family. Apparently, the City of Prescott cannot extend those benefits to the families of the Men Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice. The City representative stated their hands are tied, and there is nothing they can do!! :crushed:

    For firefighters with families to support, think twice before taking any part time job. You perform the same job as the full timers, but are not treated equally. The only thing your part time status does is provide manpower with minimal $$$.

    For Prescott administrators, consider awarding full time status posthumously to the Yarnell 19 part timers. Just do the right thing!
  2. wizfourfam

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    I just saw a news story interviewing one of the young widows. Her husband worked full time but was considered temporary. WTH The firefighters in question were considered temporary, but can work up to full time too. So does this mean their deaths are only temporary???

    My heart goes out to these families......
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    Yes, this is a tragedy on so many levels. Classifying people part-timers and contractors when they really aren't are ways labor is consistently manipulated and employers can wash their hands of responsibility.

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