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  1. pegmih

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    Wikenburg is about an hour north of Sun City. A very easy drive.

    It is a place that I take adult visitors.
    Kids would not particulary like it.

    Mostly lots of shops.
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  2. archer

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    In February they have the Gold Rush Days that might be fun for kids....we haven't been (we plan to) but our neighbors have and recommend it highly for kids and adults. Parades, rodeo, lots of street fair stuff.
  3. Anita Mae

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    Wickenberg is an awesome little AZ town. Kind of cowboy, wild west, and just country !...

    There used to be a wonderful little Ice Cream Shop in the ole' downtown area.. very quaint.
    The little (downtown) shopping areas are also a bit of "history".
    If you ever take a bus to Laughlin --sometimes the bus will stop in Wickenberg at the McDonalds there.
  4. Emily Litella

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    I think there still is a little ice cream shop in the downtown area.

    We missed the cowboy museum in May. Won't make that mistake again. I have heard over and over again of how much folks enjoyed it.

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