Where to post wanted to rent Sun City Hilton Head July 2016?

Discussion in 'Sun City Hilton Head - South Carolina' started by wskymd, May 2, 2016.

  1. wskymd

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    We have suddenly had a serious offer on our home in Maine. We would like to rent a home in Sun City Hilton Head for several months while we search for home to buy. We see that a few homes are for rent now but not sure they will be available in July. Is there another place to post a "wanted to rent *home in Sun City Hilton Head starting July 2016"?
    Thanks for any advice. wskymd
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  2. pegmih

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    I'm confused.
    Do you want to rent in Sun City, Arizona, or Sun City Hilton Head?
  3. wskymd

    wskymd New Member

    Did I post in wrong forum?

    Sun City Hilton Head. Did I post in wrong forum?:redface-new:

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