Theresa Cirino's birthday celebration at the Sun Bowl

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by carptrash, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. carptrash

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  2. BPearson

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    How was the concert Carp?
  3. carptrash

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    Good, as always the band was right on, the sound was excellent (okay, the backup singer could have been just half a twist louder)
    the two guys (and a woman I later learned) who talked through song after song were annoying.
    I'd like to ask, "What is the appropriate measure to take with types such as them?" keeping in mind the AZ is an open carry state and they obviously had been drinking?
  4. SCR

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    Happy birthday Theresa. The sound system seems to have been improved. What is still lacking however, is a way to account for the number and validity of those attending
    the shows. As an example, when I walked up the ramp to enter the Sun Bowl, I was asked to produce my Rec card. Not an issue for me. However, there was a young lady that
    past the 2 RCSC checkers and was not asked to produce a rec card. How on earth can they get accurate counts Sun City residents , guests, and or others who attend if there is
    no electronic accounting? Again, another failure of the IT department.
  5. carptrash

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    I must say that I find this "security" or whatever, issue of checking IDs and threatening to toss folks out each week to be very annoying and ungenerous.

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