Sun City Vs. Sun City West

Discussion in 'Sun City New Members' started by Schaumburger1, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Schaumburger1

    Schaumburger1 New Member

    More questions from a prospective buyer regarding Sun City and Sun City West . . .

    For residents of Sun City and Sun City West in Arizona -- why did you choose the community you ended up living in?

    What are differences between living in Sun City vs. Sun City West?
  2. BadgerFans

    BadgerFans New Member

    Why we chose SC...

    We choose SC initially because of what was offered in SC as well as the larger population. Upon living here for now all of three months, I am even more sure of our decision...I love the location and how close it is to anything that I would want access to. It is close to Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, and the 101 highway.
  3. Schaumburger1

    Schaumburger1 New Member


    Thank you for the information. Someone who lives in Sun City West, (not on this forum) said one of the reasons he bought in SCW versus SC was because there are no major roads running through SCW -- just his two cents.

    Are you from Wisconsin? I have a sister who lives in Mineral Point (about 45 miles SW of Madison) and a niece who lives in Madison.

    Would I be right in guessing there are a lot of Midwesterners living in SC? Are there are lot of former Chicagoland residents living in SC?
  4. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Hey S1, welcome to the TOSC. Good question and one that typically brings about one's bias. We almost bought in SCW, in 1999, but ended up in SC. My folks lived here and being close to them was an important factor in where we bought. Both are wonderful communities and similar in nature and function.

    Sun City West is newer and more compact. Sun City is older and more sprawling. Both have infrastructures that rely heavily on volunteers, with multiple organizations that play a role in keeping costs as reasonable as they are.

    It's interesting on the comment about no main roads through SCW; only because i find that a negative, rather than a positive. I don't care for their ingress/egress into the community. Just a personal preference, as i'm sure some feel more secure with less through traffic.

    I would tell you to shop them both. Sun City homes often have been remodeled and if you buy a vintage home, there's a good chance you will do some renovating. We saw that as a plus, as we took a home and put our stamp on it. Costs are a little cheaper in Sun City, but both have shopping, hospitals/medical delivery and an abundance of activities within the walls.
  5. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    Isn't RH Johnson a major road thru SCW?
  6. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    I was born and raised in Chicagoland but left when I was 21. Not sure I still qualify.
  7. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    Lots of Iowa, Minnesota, & Wisconsin people. I think each of them have a club.
  8. Schaumburger1

    Schaumburger1 New Member

    I was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa (my dad still lives there), but I have lived in the Chicago area since 1979. So I still have one tie to Iowa. Nice to know there are clubs for people from their home states.
  9. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    At one time there was a Washington State Club.
    Unfortunately, it is no longer active.
  10. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    We liked both. In the end, it came down to the fact that Sun City is bigger with more rec centers and more clubs. We also like the fact that Sun City is the original. I like the three different phases in Sun City and the fact that it's easier to get on and off main access to head East, when necessary.
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  11. Near&Far

    Near&Far New Member

    I am looking at both, and have family in SCW. I prefer SC because there is bus service to Phoenix--a number of regular and express buses that go downtown. That may or may not be a consideration for you, but I do not care for driving.
  12. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    I totally agree with Badger.
    However, one thing was not mentioned.
    The people in Sun City are much more friendly than those is SCW.
    At least that is what I have heard from people who have moved from SCW to SC.
    Also, I can't agree more about location, location, location.

    BTW. I have lived here nearly 10 years.

    I am making a webpage about Sun City and will post it here when finished. Watch for it.
  13. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    I live 3 blocks off Thunderbird and I like that I could catch a bus if needed.I do drive now but its good to have the option.
  14. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    You really can't go wrong with SC or SCW. We chose the original. We are in walking distance of banks, grocery, eateries, CVS, Bell Rec. Sun City has all the amenities, conveniences and medical facilities within walking distance to some, but certainly merely short drives at the most. This is the perfect spot for people who want everything close to them in a quiet suburban environment. I think the GenXers and Millenials are really going to like this IF SUN CITY PLAYS THEIR CARDS RIGHT, PLANS FOR THE FUTURE AND PLANS WITH THESE TWO GROUPS IN MIND.
  15. LMaple

    LMaple New Member

    In answer to Schaumburger1's question Sun City vs Sun City West. That is truly a great question that most of us at least thought about when we were looking which community to settle down with. Some people like the newer look of SCW yet some like the idea of living in the "First" and original SC. You cannot go wrong with either community. There were several factors that helped us choose Sun City over Sun City West. I am a golfer and SC has 8 golf courses plus 3 Country Clubs each with a golf course. That makes 11. I like variety and the cost to golf was slightly cheaper in SC. Secondly the annual Rec fee is lower in SC. No school tax in SC whereas part of SCW does have and part does not...not sure where which is which. Next, there are more rec centers in SC - 7 to be exact. Lastly I like being next to 101 and all the shopping in Peoria and Glendale. The Cardinal football stadium is just close by and now a casino. What we saw was just "More Bang for the Buck" in Sun City. We bought in 2003 and have never doubted our decision. Truthfully if we had chosen SCW instead, I am sure we would have been totally happy there as well. Both are the best Sun Cities in the US.

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