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    There have been discussions regarding speeding in Sun City.

    I would like to address the fact that many people to not heed red lights or stop signs.

    Twice this past week I was stopped at 103/Boswell (nw corner of Sun Dial).

    One time a man in a golf car in the left turn lane next to me went thru red light because no cars coming.
    A few days later, a car went right thru the red light because no cars were coming.

    I have heard people say that if no cars are coming, they go right thru a stop sign.

    I think I will write to the newspaper. Watch for something from me!!!!!
  2. carptrash

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    Go for it!
    Stopping at all the appropriate places, of course.
  3. 3rdGen

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    The front page of this weeks Independent has a story on this, All I got out of it was
    District 3 does not have the manpower to address this.:(
  4. carptrash

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    I just passed a nasty accident at Del Webb & Talisman, 6 or 7 police cars many ambulances and fire trucks and cars mashed up and ending up in places that could not happen if everyone was going 30 mph, the posted speed.
  5. pegmih

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    That sounds like a bad accident. I live nearby. Were they "real" police cars or were they sheriff cars? No doubt the SC Posse was there.
    Although the posse can neither stop speeders nor give tickets, they can assist in traffic control under the direction of the real guys.

    I drive on Del Webb all the time and see many speeders but never/rarely a police car or sheriff car. Sometimes there is a "Your Speed" sign.
    Maybe I should put a sign in my back window "Slow Down". Of course, that would encourage road rage. No thank you.
  6. carptrash

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  7. carptrash

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    The road situation was such a mess that I couldn't do inventory on who's who, trying to not run them over was enough, but Del Webb is my main drag and as sort of a science experiment I also drive right at 30 mph and rarely pass anyone. I do think that it is good manners for the slower cars to stick to the right lanes and thus contend with the golf carts rather than the Indy 500 folks.
  8. Adam560

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    The Sheriff cars are "real" police cars. They are the only law enforcement we have in Sun City. Also, next time you are working at Posse HQ, check with someone about Posse assisting deputies with traffic control at accident scenes. Since the Posse is no longer associated with MCSO, I don't think they are allowed to do traffic control on any street.
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  9. aggie

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    Are you sure the accident wasn't at Del Webb & Thunderbird? There was a bad one there and then a while later one at 99th & Cameo with one vehicle going into the drainage ditch. I agree that the Posse no longer directs traffic unless a specific order by MCSO which would be rare. The Posse cars can pull up behind a stalled/damaged car with their flashing lights on until relieved by authorities or a tow truck.

    Once MCSO starts doing their unannounced traffic patrols I think we'll hear a new uproar from the many Sun City residents that always thought it was non-residents speeding, rolling through stop signs and making unsafe turns without signaling!
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  10. carptrash

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    Yes, being a Duffeeland person I know that I'd passed that light (Del Webb & Thunderbird) and the accident was at the next (going north) light which I am pretty sure is Talisman.
  11. Adam560

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    One light north of T'bird on Del Webb would be Cameo.
  12. aggie

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    I think he meant the next light north of Duffyland which is also a T'bird and Del Webb intersection.
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  13. Adam560

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    OOPS !! I knew that. My bad.
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  14. carptrash

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    Yes, there are two Del Webb & T'birds. As if circular roads are not enough to mess up old brains.
  15. aggie

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    I haven't seen any increased patrol action by MCSO. Writing tickets for traffic offenses isn't high on their list. Too much paperwork and restrictions due to the orders Judge Snow passed down. There will be an opportunity to voice your complaints, praise and general requests at Fairway Rec Center on June 20th when a representative from District 3 MCSO will be there to schmooze with the locals. There will probably be donuts!
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  16. carptrash

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    Donuts might get me there.
  17. I certainly understand the unsafe nature someone cuts through SC during rush-hour times going 50+ mph, etc, but personally I find the speed limits on many SC streets to be unreasonably low, especially on the streets with wide medians (eg, 107th, Del Web, Alabama, Peoria, etc) and those with center turn lanes (eg, 103rd, 111th, etc). I've often wondered whether those complaining about "speeding" are complaining because people are truly going too fast to be safe, or simply because they are exceeding and arbitrary posted speed limit. We have plenty of residents who seem to have nothing better to do than look for people "breaking rules."

    State statutes define the default speed limit on a "residential" street to be 25mph unless the local authority (ie, Maricopa County) deems a higher or lower limit. Travel to many other areas of Phoenix, Mesa, etc and you'll find speed limits as high as 45mph on residential streets. Yes, I know golf carts aren't allowed on streets with speed limits above 35... and when I'm passed by a GC doing 40mph on a 25mph street I wonder about the sanity of that law, too.

    Phoenix has the following on their website, citing nationwide traffic studies (the red highlighting is mine):
    "... maximum speed limits established by law include the 25 mph limit on local streets in residential areas and business districts, and the 15 mph limit in alleys. Even though these speeds are not always posted, all motorists are required to know the basic speed laws.

    Speed limits between 25 and 55 mph may be established on the basis of traffic engineering studies. These studies include roadway conditions, accident records and the prevailing speed of prudent drivers.

    If an unreasonably low speed is posted, most drivers will ignore the signs, while a few may try to stay within the posted speed limit. This causes real safety concerns because of the difference between faster and slower drivers.

    Setting unrealistically low speed limits...

    ... has two adverse effects.

    • They make violators out of reasonable and otherwise law-abiding citizens.

    • Most importantly, police enforcement is diminished, which plays a vital role in controlling the speed limit. Unrealistic speed limits create a difficult situation for the police and the community and citations are not upheld in court. Often the police will not return to the site to reinforce the law.

    Remember, unreasonably low speed limits

  18. carptrash

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    The problem with raising the speed limit (opinion) to, say 40 or 45 mph is that the always-in-a-hurry folks would then feel it was okay to drive 50 mph. I am amazed on an almost daily basis with the number of drivers who run red lights and it is my belief that more speed would increase, not diminish that tendency. It is also a concern to me to note how many accidents, or what is left of an accident, that I encounter in Sun City. Remember the dictum from the 60s, 'Speed kills." It is still true today.
  19. Joelyn

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    Remember - If speed limits were raised to 40 or 45 mph, golfs carts would no longer be legal transportation in Sun City which who negatively affect many in the community.
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  20. BPearson

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    Hey IC, long time no read. Joelyn is spot on, golf cars are the issue and have been since the beginning. Those old three wheeler cuties from the 60's had a top end of 18 miles an hour and so there were plenty of reasons to keep speeds at a reasonable level. And lest we forget, not everyone living and driving in Sun City belongs behind the wheel of a car or golf car for that matter.

    I've had more than my share of crazies trying to prove to me my golf car doesn't belong on the road and while i can fend for myself, there's all kinds of oldies but goodies who can't. Adding speed only insures more bad outcomes. Del Webb Blvd is the classic example...the reality is it's posted at 30 and there are countless numbers doing 40 and more.

    For the longest time i toyed with making bumper stickers that read: Slow Down and Live, in Sun City AZ.

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