Rock and Roll Dance at Fairway Rec Center

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    Rock and Roll Dance with Live Musical Band

    "Come Back Buddy" was a super fun - dancing event at Fairway Rec Center -
    The dance floor was filled but not so crowded to make dancing "squeezed in". The Come Back Buddy Group was a hit !

    Dances are held every Saturday night. Dances start at 7pm.
    :love-struck: - for more information. Check the site for Future Special Events.
    - -
    Rock and Roll Dance as well as Country Dance. - --BYOB - Casual Dress. Great Dance Floor .
    Guest, members, singles & couples - - all welcome.
    :semi-twins: - -welcome in the new year at Fairway -- New Years Eve Dance - Dec. 31... Advance Ticket needed.
    Fairway Rec Center. 107th and Peoria, Sun City, AZ
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