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    New Posse Radar Trailer

    The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City serves as the “eyes and ears” of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. We do not have law enforcement authority and are not permitted or equipped to make traffic stops or issue speeding tickets. That does not mean that we can't assist the Sheriff's deputies in attempting to control speeding on the streets of Sun City.

    The visibility of our marked patrol cars is frequently enough to get people to slow down as they travel through our community. Even more effective may be our radar speed monitoring trailer, which most people have probably seen placed at various locations throughout our community. This device has a large digital display which shows the speed of the approaching vehicle as compared to the posted speed limit. More than just displaying the speed, the unit also accumulates data and produces reports showing the number of vehicles and the speed at which they travel past a certain point over a period of time. We then provide this information to the Sheriff's deputies so that they know where to concentrate their traffic enforcement efforts.

    This radar unit has proven to be so useful that the Posse has recently purchased a second radar trailer at a cost of over $8000. We will now be able to double our effort to control excessive speed here in Sun City. If you know of an area where you feel traffic needs to slow down, call the Posse at 623-972-2555 to request the placement of one of our radar trailers.

    The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City is an all volunteer organization which has been serving Sun City since 1973. We receive no funding from any government source. All of our financial support comes from the gratitude and generosity of the people of Sun City.
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    It would be wonderful to see more speed traps in Sun City. We know people blow through town on Del Webb Blvd, 99th drive, Thunderbird and a number of other ancillary thoroughfares. But lets be honest, it isn't just outsiders who think those speed limits don't matter.

    Here's how simple it is to me:

    Slow down and live in Sun City AZ.
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    I have to say I agree. The majority of the folks that I see speeding or disregarding the stop signs are over 55 (most well over 55). I was coming out of Bell Rec Center onto 99th and apparently I didn't move quite fast enough when the light turned green. The person in the car behind me sat on the horn like a NYC cab driver. I looked in my rear view mirror and it was two sweet looking little old ladies in a large car.
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    During our visit I also noticed that some golf cart drivers were a bit scary the way they drive. Made me worry a bit how they drive their car. One guy was really leaning into a corner and the cart looked like it would tip over.
    I also experienced quite a few tailgaters while trying to keep the speed limit on Del Web and got a honk from one that felt I was not going fast enough, but my speedo said I was doing what I was supposed to. The honker was much my senior.

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