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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by pegmih, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. pegmih

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    Does anyone know of a reliable handyman who removes popcorn ceiling?
    My neighbor in Sun City Phase 2 is looking for one.*
  2. aggie

    aggie Active Member

    Have them contact the Sun City Home Owners Association(SCHOA) for some good referrals. They have both handymen and licensed people that could perform the work. A good chance to get them to join SCHOA if they aren't already a member!
  3. Cynthia

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    I just had 3 popcorn ceilings removed by J & M painting . They did a good job and very reasonable. It was together with painting my house. She will need the ceiling textured and painted afterwards of course. Unless she wants a very smooth coat (depends on what her walls are) Smooth coat is more expensive and fewer people know how to do it in Arizona. its the norm in Los Angeles but I found fewer are skilled in smooth coat in Sun City. I do know someone who does the smooth coat after popcorn if she wants that I can find the name. But then she'll need to find the painter because he only does the coat. J & M did both for me.The texture is light, not heavy. Mine looks good and matches my walls which have a slight texture. Not SCHOA vendors though.
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