Please Get a Lock Box from Sun City Fire Dept.

Discussion in 'Sun City Sheriff's Posse - Arizona' started by Posse Information, Aug 26, 2015.

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    Yesterday, while on Posse patrol, I responded along with Sun City Fire and Medical to a 911 emergency call here in Sun City. The resident of the house had fallen and couldn't get up (sounds like a commercial, doesn't it ?) Every door and window in the house was covered with metal bars, and there was no way for the firefighters to gain entry to assist her. They finally had to use a heavy hammer and a crowbar to break the locks and force entry so that they could come to her aid. Fortunately, she was not badly injured and only needed to be helped up off the floor. However, the extra time it took to force entry could have been critical had she been having a heart attack, stroke or some other true medical event. Of course, the cost to repair the damage to the doors is also a major consideration.

    It would have been so much easier if the house had a lock box installed by the Sun City Fire and Medical Dept. This a small metal box measuring about 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches which mounts to the outside of your house by the front door and contains the keys to your house. Only the fire dept has a key to access the box and it is only to be used in the event of a medical emergency.

    Please call Sun City Fire and Medical at 623-974-2321 and arrange to have one of their volunteers come to your home and install one of these potentially life saving devices for a one time charge of $65. That is certainly cheaper than replacing a door or window that has had to be broken to reach you in an emergency.
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    I had a lock box installed as soon as I moved in to my condo.
    Immediately I felt at ease.

    A friend of mine fell and broke her leg. She was able to call for help but could not get to the door.
    It had to be broken to get into the house.
    It cost several hundred dollars to repair.
    Needless to say, she now has a lock box.
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    It's on my schedule for first day, that and RUOK. I've worried for years about falling or getting ill here, would be weeks (perhaps months) before anyone found me and by then the cats and cockroaches would have licked my bones clean. Go down outside and the jungle will just swallow you up, never to be found. Disappearances aren't that uncommon in Puna. Can't wait to get back to civilization!
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    I'm going to do it next time I'm there. Great idea.
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    Two (2) of my neighbors have a key to my house.
    I have a key to houses of 2 neighbors.
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  8. Cynthia

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    Fire Dept lock box installation is booked until mid November. Schedule ahead of time.
  9. J_and_V

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    Yikes, good to know.

    The house we bought has a box, but I need to schedule them to come and switch out the key.

    Thanks for the heads up, we'll call now and get them scheduled.
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    Nevermind, we just drop them a key and they replace it.

    But back to Cynthia's note - - - - If you are looking to get a Fire Dept lock box, schedule ahead of time. I can't think of a reason not to have it.

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