Pension Uncertainty

Discussion in 'Investment Talk' started by wizfourfam, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. wizfourfam

    wizfourfam New Member

    With all that is going on regarding Detroit's Bankruptcy and the uncertainty of their pensions, DH and I are getting concerned about the status of his pension. Once Detroit is able to knock down their pension system, I see other municipalities following suit.

    We have saved extra money to supplement his pension, but now fear for our financial future (after planning for all these years on having a stable retirement-should have gone for the big bucks.). Also, can't count on Social Security anymore. Looks like full time jobs are in our near future.

    How to people manage during these crazy times? :disgust:
  2. gilmark

    gilmark New Member

    We do live in fearful times, but I hope you will not let fear destroy the good things you are enjoying every day. One time I was worrying about losing my IRA savings and the thought came to me, "If I lose my IRA, I won't have to worry about that anymore." Of course, I would have something else to worry about! Good luck!
  3. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    I am fortunate, I guess, in many ways. I was always taught the value of the dollar and how to save, save, save....yet, it is possible to spend, also -- with common-sense.
    My parents both went thru the Great Depression - so they lived a life of being thrifty.
    When I was employed, I was not making a high-dollar amount of money- - -then my favorites saying was
    " I make nothing, I spend nothing".

    I shop sales on everything...normally purchasing what I need rather than what I want.
    Times are tough -- and yes, it is a fear to lose your pension, lose at the Stock Market, investments.
    Agree---Social Security may be gone in the future. The times are tough .
    I guess one must just be on a budget...and not have all your eggs in one basket - so to speak.
    But we can't worry to death. I guess we by nature, learn to cope with whatever is handed to us...and sometimes - -that can be awful.
  4. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    If I had been as frugal as my mother I would be rich now. But our lives were very different. I still saved but spent much more casually than she did.
  5. archer

    archer New Member

    Same here. Even though my mother is comfortably well off at the age of 95, she remembers the lessons of the depression when she and my dad scrimped and saved to have even a little savings acct. She still watches every penny she spends, yet is very generous to others. The depression really shaped her life.
  6. pegmih

    pegmih Well-Known Member

    I am a very careful shopper.
    And, if I am dissatisfied with a product I tell the company. In a nice way, of course.

    People are always laughing at the many things I get sent to me because of my compaint.
    Yeh! for the internet and that one word "contact".

    Today I am contacting Safeway because their thick bacon is not up to par.

    One company sent me eight (8) coupons because the sour cream I purchased developed mold in less than a week and a month before "sell by" date.
  7. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    Sounds like you now how to get those Coupons ! ! Now that is a bargain !:adoration:

    One must really know how to try to save those bucks -- especially when Pension's are uncertain of !

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