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  1. BPearson

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    For anyone who has followed these pages for any length of time, you know i have been a proponent of long range planning by the Rec Centers of Sun City (RCSC). For years it was a standing committee in our community documents and played an instrumental role in many of the major projects undertaken with the preservation and improvement fund (PIF).

    Unfortunately, it was removed from our by-laws while i was serving on the board 4 years ago. I guess the only saving grace for me was i voted against it and spoke out vehemently regarding that action.

    The past couple of years, when RCSC candidate election forums were held, this question always arose from the crowd; "are you in favor of reinstating the long range planning committee?" Over those two years, every candidate, save one, said absolutely. Couple that with how well the ad hoc long range planning committee went on the Grand Ave property, the board passed a motion to reinstate the long range planning committee.

    I applied to serve on it and the board decided to use the process for applicants the same way they did for the ad hoc committee. They set up an interview process to screen candidates, a far more elaborate effort than is normally the case.

    I have to say i was impressed. The four board members attending my interview yesterday did a good job. The questions were well thought out and on point. As i have said before on these pages and again yesterday, it is more important how the committee is structured and what its role is than who is on it (the caveat being it isn't just residents looking to accomplish their pet project).

    The reality is, we live in one of the most unique age restricted communities in the country. Other than us and Sun City West, virtually all of them have evolved to a high bred version of what we are. It doesn't make them better, just different. The key to a successful long range planning committee, IMHO, is not just looking to the future, but having a firm grasp of our past and letting the two work in conjunction with any recommendations the committee makes to the board.

    Should be interesting to see how this plays out.
  2. Emily Litella

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    I sure hope you get it. You certainly are the best qualified. Another good choice would be your friend Ben, if he applied.

    The trick is for them to pick folks who truly want to do what's right for Sun City as a whole, and not just one person representing a group with an agenda.

    Fwiw, I think the folks that made the decisions about the Grand property usage did a great job. Very fair. I'm so glad the Posse got a satellite office, and the greenhouse, and others etc. I am a big fan of the car club, but I feel the decisions made were for the good of the community as a whole, and that's the way things should be done.

    I feel confident the car club won't be forgotten as they're a good group of folks and an asset to Sun City in so many ways.
  3. BPearson

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    I tried to talk Ben into putting in an application, but he is steeped in a really cool project that will be invaluable to the community. Stay tuned.

    What is so fascinating about our history is just how many people helped shape where we are today. It's kind of tongue in cheek when i say it doesn't matter who is on the committee, because if in fact people are there for the right reasons and are willing to do the work needed, good outcomes will come from it. Ben's research into our history via the newspapers is living proof of the twists and turns we have taken. Some of those internal battles are staggering in length and breath and even more so in how Sun City ultimately turned out.

    Most people hear or know nothing about the 20 plus year fight over incorporation, yet had it not been stopped, there's a good chance Sun City would be just another city with all of the trappings of Peoria or Glendale; complete with town hall, police force, mayors, councilmen and all the other paid positions that come with them. Think about that for a minute.

    There's so much to be learned from our past, this committee cannot afford to ignore it.
  4. Emily Litella

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    People who are "pure of heart", lol - that is those whose only "agenda" is to have the best future for Sun City should be chosen. They might be rare birds though...
  5. BPearson

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    That's why the history is so awesome, most of the folks involved over the years did so for the right reasons...there was too much at stake not use that as your benchmark.
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    Don't know what you mean BP? Bump real threads above them?
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    Interesting, i was just reading some of my friend Ben's notes from his data search of the local papers from the 70's and there were several references to the long range planning committee.
  10. BPearson

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    Even better from my buddy Ben Roloff, he gave me the amazing story of how Sun City and the Peoria school district parted ways in 1974. It was a fascinating read and he will be doing a session at Life Long Learning this fall. You won't want to miss it.
  11. BPearson

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    Interesting: Just saw my old friend Norm Dickson, former board member responsible for the Fairway rebuild and he was interviewed for the LRPC as well. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if they pulled a page from the ad hoc Grand Ave planning committee and said none of the old guard would be appointed.

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