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Discussion in 'Sun City Texas - Georgetown' started by velvet cricket, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. velvet cricket

    velvet cricket New Member

    We are considering a move to Sun City, Texas. However it would not be for at least three more years. We have family in the area. We would like to "try" the life style. How likely is it that we could find a place to rent for one to two months at a time to give this new life a trial run?
  2. OldDave

    OldDave New Member

    Hi. We were there two weeks ago. Unlike many retirement communities we've visited, Sun City Texas is very restrictive about how and when owners rent their homes. Generally you are supposed to rent for at least 3 months at a time. When we went for a week, we ended up renting near Sun City in a house we found on VRBO. It was a nice house, but it just wasn't the same as staying there, even though we were given passes as visitors for the full week. There was a mix up with our reservation to do the 3 might visit on property. Most of the leasing is done by The Stacy Group which you can google. They told me they have about 150 for lease, but only a handful are furnished. I did find one person with a house actually in Sun City on VRBO. She apparently has figured out a way to rent for shorter times. You can google "sun city texas vrbo" to find it.

    For what its worth we have decided this is the place for us and plan to buy in the next year. My wife has one more year to teach. I'm already retired. It is a great area. We looked all over Florida and Texas before deciding. We really did like it very much.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    Welcome to the site velvet Cricket.. We are looking to move to Arizona Sun City but actually have talked about trying to get a "taste" of Sun City Texas Georgetown. Here is the link of that rental house on vrbo that I believe "Old Dave" referred to... GREAT INFORMATION by the way!! Thanks!!

    Old Dave, Is this the correct house you were talking about to rent?
  4. velvet cricket

    velvet cricket New Member

    Thanks to both of you for the detailed information. I have saved your information and will follow through with action, if the plan comes through. I have recently received information on Tuscan Village, which is in the Lake Travis area. It is also an age restricted community we will consider. Haven't been to that community since they have constructed anything. Did either of you check out that area?
    We have decided it will be Texas, in the Austin area. But that is all that we know at this time.

    One concern I have is getting the house I want. Each time we have visited a Del Webb community we are disappointed to find that simple changes to the basic home plans really aren't an option. This will be one major sticking point. Hopefully, we can buy an existing house and have a large re-do, rather than purchasing new. (Which is what we have done several times in the past.and would rather do.)Still open to suggestions. Thank you for your input.....
  5. OldDave

    OldDave New Member

    First, yes that is the correct VRBO listing. It is the only one I've found.

    As to Tuscan Village, no we didn't look at it. Our quest started over a year ago. We spent a month at The Villages in central Florida. It was an amazing place, extremely beautiful. What really impressed us was all the amenities for residents. Alas, we finally decided even though The Villages is really amazing, it has too many down sides for us. And frankly Florida is just too far away for us. So we looked for other developments that had the level of amenities of The Villages. After a lot of web searching it really became clear that there were only two other options. The Sun City properties and the Robson Ranch properties. We visited Robson just south of Denton and were really impressed. And they will customize your home any way you want. But, it was really out in the middle of nowhere. It was 15 miles on I-35 just to get a gallon of milk. In the end we just couldn't take that. Sun City is really well placed and has some facilities on the property, with everything you'd need within a couple miles of the gate.

    We must be kind of the exception to the rule with these places. Buying a new home really holds no appeal to us. We'd much rather have a home that has the bugs worked out with mature trees and landscaping. We found the older homes in Sun City to be really nice. There is a very tight supply of them. Out of 7,000 homes, only about 60 seem to be for sale at any time, and it seems they last about 3-4 days before they are under contract. But I do agree with the lack of variety in the new homes. Nice thing about buying used, instead of 3 or 4 floorplans, you get dozens as they have changed them periodically through the year.

    Best of luck with your search

    Nice to see there are a couple of live people here on this site. I don't mean to imply the few others that have spoken up are real people, but it's clear you're involved with trying to make the site go, because there are comments about "this handy site" or "let's try to make the site go." I don't mean to sound negative, I do hope it goes, but we need to actually people planning on coming here to speak up. The Villages site is great for information.
  6. LAPPY50

    LAPPY50 Super Moderator

    Hi Velvet, welcome to the site. We are in Florida but do have a residence in Texas. We spend a lot of time there and go to Horse Shoe Bay which is very close to Sun City Georgetown. Not sure exactly where we will really wind up permanently but there isn't a lot to not like about both areas.

    Do stay in touch, I know this site is new but it is gathering some steam and more people will chime in to answer questions!
  7. velvet cricket

    velvet cricket New Member

    We actually have stayed at the Robson Ranch place and loved it. However, it is just too far from my family in Round Rock and San Antonio. And I agree with you, it is kind of out in no man's land. Don't like the long drive for daily errands. Thanks again for your thoughts. I'll be checking back frequently. So please to know so many are happy with their choice to live in Sun City....
  8. CopperLady

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    You are right VC.....I have been watching this site and it's great to hear that everyone loves living in Sun City. What's not to like !!

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