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Discussion in 'Medical and Health' started by pegmih, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. pegmih

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    Sun City offers several Medical Insurance Plans.
    One is Cigna. I don’t know anything about them.

    When I moved here I joined Medisun which is now Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. They have a huge building with many doctors and most tests are done there. I have been happy with my doctor and services.

    You have to have Medicare. My monthly cost is $14.00. I had been paying much, much more than that with another large insurance company.
  2. Emily Litella

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    That is a good price. We have BC BS where we live now through my husband's company. It is unbelievable what we pay per week, even with a large deductible, and it just keeps going up. We won't be on Medicare for another 11 years.
  3. bmac007

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    The monthly cost of insurances is outrageous!! I have cigna and it's expensive
  4. pegmih

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    As I said in post above, I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona which used to be Medisun and pay $14 per month.

    I refilled 2 presciptions today - 1 for $10 and 1 for $9.

    A doctor's visit is $10. A specialist is $30.

    All tests are free except for one I can't remember and that is very nominal.

    A friend with the same insurance recently told me that Opticians are no longer covered (I'll check).
    But I am going to an opthalmologist which is covered.
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