Just Now Searching Homes in Sun City on Zillow--Questions For Those More Experienced

Discussion in 'Sun City New Members' started by Near&Far, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Near&Far

    Near&Far New Member

    I'm VERY VERY new at this---"this" being searching for a home in Sun City. I'm a year or 2 away from moving to over-55 living, and the original Sun City rises high on my list for many reasons, most having to do with it seeming to have everything I want! Such as reasonable cost, many activities I love, weather, and people who care enough to volunteer.

    Main question for now: I am searching homes for sale on Zillow, and also looking at the listings on 55Places. Does everything with a Sun City address allow me to pay the Rec. fee and join the community? I've read that there are Sun City addresses in certain zip codes that are not part of the over-55 community.

    Other question for now: What financial qualifications are there? Some Over-55 communities in CA (where I now live) require me to prove a certain monthly income. My Social Security + pension total is not impressive, though I am quite solvent because I have saved, and will pay cash for my home and the one-time buy-in fee. Does Sun City want to look at my tax returns and see a minimum monthly income?

    Thank you. Other questions will undoubtedly follow these--many thanks in advance.
  2. Schaumburger1

    Schaumburger1 New Member


    Thank you for posting these questions...my time frame for relocating to a 55+ community is a little farther out than yours is (unless I win the lottery in the near future), but I will be interested to see what the answers are from SC residents.
  3. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    1st, Welcome.
    In a week or so we will celebrate a year since closing on our home in Sun City, AZ. The home search was an intense process as we were "shopping" from the Seattle, WA area.
    We found "Red Fin" and "Realtor.com" to be more reliable than Zillow.
    A GOOD realtor is also important.

    2nd, Yes, there are some homes in Sun City which are really not within the Sun City over 55 community. If you Google "map of Sun City" you will find the boundaries. The over 55 community is a 7 mile long, 3 mile wide area.

    3rd, No, Sun City does not make you show proof of income.
  4. BruceW

    BruceW Member

    Welcome to the forum to both Near&Far and Schaumburger1.
    This is definitely the place to post your Sun City questions, you will get lots of info.

    I too am a couple years away from my Sun City arrival and have looked at many homes.
    I have also visited a few times and had realtors take me through a few homes to get ideas of floor plans.
    A really great site I found a while back shows floor plans by address.
    View floor plans for Sun City Active Adult Retirement Community
    Many homes have been modified, but at least this will give you a good starting point.

    Zillow seems to be a fair resource, but if you are serious I would find a local realtor.
    The options are many, some fixer uppers are priced really nice, but seem to also go really fast.

    You will hear this from others for sure, there are three phases.
    Phase one is from Olive to Grand, phase 2 is from Grand to Bell, and phase 3 is from Bell to Beardsley.
    Phase 2 is more central and more desireable for most folks, but phase 1 has some really nice homes with better prices.
    Many Many options.

    IMHO, you have to go visit, and get a local to show you around. If the tours are happening take advantage.

    Good luck.
  5. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    No financial qualifications are required to be shown to buy in SC. But you will sign a document that says you understand the annual assessment fee (to use the rec centers etc.) and the one time PIF of $3500.

    Sometimes the realtor websites call an address Sun City but it's really not in SC...that might cause some confusion. I'm not aware of any SC homes that are not part of the community. Maybe someone else has heard if that. I bought last year. Also try realtor.com
  6. aggie

    aggie Active Member

    Some of the homes with the 85373 zip code in the far north-northwest are not actually part of the Sun City Senior Overlay. The first clue is if there are school district taxes shown for the property. There have been actions in the past to try to get these homes removed from the Sun City zip code without success. There are homes within Sun City West that do fall within school districts and are assessed school taxes.

    Although there is no requirement to show proof of income, it is a good idea to budget for the one time $3500 PIF, the annual Property Assessment(currently $474 whether or not you use the facilities), and the monthly Association Assessment if you purchase a unit in a condo or PUD. Some Condo Association Assessments include the property taxes which brings the total monthly payment higher. There are over 200 condo associations in Sun City.
    If you purchase a single family home, there is only an optional $20 annual Sun City Home Owners Association membership fee.
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  7. GCotten

    GCotten Member

    I know of a really good real estate broker that would be more than happy to answer questions if anyone needs assistance. Her name is Jan Cotten and ph# is 623-523-4203 and email is jan@homeinfoplease.com. Obviously she is related to me. Just another source for information if you have difficulty otherwise.
  8. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    All of the info is excellent. Especially the one about googling the map of Sun City. See map below.
    Be especially careful that you ARE in Sun City no matter what zipcode says.
    One time when I was working at the SC Visitor Center someone came in and asked if the place they were living was in Sun City. Unfortunately, the answer was NO. They were very disappointed. I think they said they were in Ventana Lakes.

    Actually, if you tell realtor you want a place in Sun City, that should do it.

    Remember, there are single family homes, quads, and duplexes (that's what I have).
    Single family homes require a lot more care. The other 2 have HOAs that take care of many things.

    Sun City, AZ - Sun City, Arizona Map & Directions - MapQuest
  9. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Just my two cents but having owned SF homes over the years I find the biggest care/repair is needed inside the home because you are constantly using everything. Yes painting on occasion, roof and a bit of yard work outside. Still most the constant repair items I've dealt with over the years are inside plumbing, appliances, electrical issues etc. That's the place most the money seems to go. I guess HOAs pay for the water and some other stuff too. I added it up and I didn't see a big savings in HOA, but maybe less work for the outside stuff. You still have the inside stuff to deal with condo or SF.
  10. g47

    g47 New Member

    I don't think you could ever get what a well managed HOA charges by hiring it out yourself. As an example pest control. Ours comes out to $4 per unit, $8 if you want the inside sprayed. Landscaping is $15 per unit per month. My insurance is $200 a year since the condo fee covers the outside. The monthly costs of roof, painting, paving, seal coating, sidewalks, and outside repairs. We all got new garage doors 5 years ago and only had to pay for the keypad. Our water and sewer is about $37 a month per unit. Outside electricity and the lights are part of the condo fee. Tree trimming, irrigation repairs, plant replacement, outside water lines, all covered. I doubt anyone can get this done for the $130 to $200 a month condo fee.
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  11. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    That does sound like a good deal.
  12. Near&Far

    Near&Far New Member

    Thanks everyone SO MUCH for contributing to my small pile of knowledge so far. All the specifics are so very helpful. I have another question about golf carts, and will start a separate thread, since there seems to be a lot of interest/discussion about them all over the web.

    Thanks, thanks thanks!!!
  13. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    If & when you visit Sun City, be sure to go to the Visitor Center and take the FREE bus tour.
    BTW. I have lived here nearly 10 years and am totally happy. Friendly people and
    wonderful weather. I am not a snowbird and I enjoy the summers.
  14. Shears5055

    Shears5055 New Member

    Thanks for all the great information. *My husband and I are about 7 months away from moving to Sun City and are just starting our search. *Love the web sites suggested and hearing about the Visitor Center and this site to get questions answered.

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