Important Informational Meetings November 4 & 5

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    The RCSC Board Member candidate forum is being held today Monday, November 4 at 2pm in the Fairway Center Arizona Rooms 1-2. Ask questions, listen to answers and get a feel of which candidates you would like to see on the Board. The forums should be up on YouTube in a few days if you are unable to attend. Remember you need not vote for all three candidates but a candidate must get at least 100 votes to be elected.

    Maricopa County Department of Transportation(MCDOT) is holding an informational meeting tomorrow November 5 3:00-5:00 at Marinette Rec Center. MCDOT would like to put sidewalks & bike lanes along 99th Avenue from Olive to Union Hills. (Won't that be interesting!!!) Should be an entertaining event.
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    Did i miss something aggie? Aren't there 3 candidates for 3 openings?
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    Yup, 3 for 3. If a candidate doesn't get 100 votes there will be an appointment to fill that spot. Last year Darla was the next highest vote-getter and had 100 votes so she was appointed to fill Dave Wieland's vacancy. I'm not sure if I want to vote all 3 so I'll go listen to how they answer questions.

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