I'm planning to visit in AUGUST to check it out!

Discussion in 'Sun City New Members' started by Frozen Tootsies, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm new here.

    I'm mostly retired, well past age 55, and tired of winter. I plan to visit SC in late August to see it in person. I'm all set for one of the August bus tours.

    I figure that if I visit in summer, and can handle the weather then, that's a good test. I kind of forgot to get rich, and if I buy a place in SC it will be my year round home. And even if I could swing some snowbird thing, that sounds like a lot of hassle. I'm getting more into simplicity with each passing year.

    I am not really interested in a single family home. Been there, done that. I'm single and don't like the idea of all the interior and exterior maintenance required. The one-story condos, duplex, patio type homes are more my thing. Right now I'm in a condo building and I do miss having a little outdoor area to call my own. I don't need much, but a patio would be nice.

    Any tips on what I should look at and ask about when I'm touring Sun City?

    Frozen Tootsies
  2. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Hey FT welcome. When you go to the visitor center to catch the bus tour be sure to look at the map of Sun City hanging on the door when you walk in; it will give you a great perspective of the community layout. We are 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. There's 3 primary phases; phase 1 south of Grand, phase 2 between Grand and Bell road and phase 3 north of Bell road. All three have an abundance of attached models including twin homes, garden court apts, quads, patio homes and a couple of variations beyond those.

    Phase 1, for the most part was built between 1960-1968. Phase 2 from 1969-1974. Phase from 1974-1978. Once you know what you are looking for, square footage wise, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and your price range, a good realtor can help you pinpoint a location that best fits your needs and wants.

    So you know, there are over 27,000 rooftops in Sun City and a third of them are attached homes with two/thirds being single family homes.
  3. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member

    Thank you! I've put that information in my notes. Very helpful.

  4. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    I have a condo in Phase II - Gemini D35 - 2 bedrooms 2 baths - about 1,700 sq. ft. A great floor plan.
    Large patio in front. Enclosed back patio with sliding windows. Also, I have grass not gravel.

    When I purchased my condo, I did not know now convenient it was to places.

    1 mile to my favorite rec center - Sundial with an indoor pool.
    Less than a mile from my church.
    2 miles north to Safeway and CVS and 2 miles south to Frys.

    Prices are still very good, but going up.

    I am a Sunbird not a Snowbird. The summers are very livable and rather nice with Snowbirds gone - less traffic and stores not crowded. My car has a remote start so I can turn on AC while walking to it.

    I have yet to hear someone say they don't like it here.
  5. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member

    Thanks so much for sharing that. I think I'd like a place like that. I'd love to have a guest bedroom/bath for visitors.

    Having said that a single family home isn't my first preference, I also am aware that condo or similar "common ownership" units are part of HOAs. And "at the mercy" of the HOA as to maintenance, management, and enforcement of the rules. Some HOAs are well managed and others struggle. Once I'm on the ground there and seriously looking, I'll be asking questions about the HOA if I'm seriously interested in any condo, duplex, etc.

    I'm not ruling out a SFH, since I have to remember that snow removal won't be an issue, as it was with all my prior SFH's. :joyous:
  6. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    I sold my 25 year home last year and bought in SC. Still planning to work for 2 more years before i move in. I visit every few months. My home had a duplex behind it and at one time I owned a second duplex so managed 4 units plus my home. Now I feel like...one SFH only? Piece of cake. Haha, its all relative.

    But I didnt have to worry about snow. Just potential earthquakes.
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  7. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    Welcome. We recently relocated to SC from the Seattle area. This is the first SFH I've ever owned. I'll admit I am overwhelmed at times, but overall it's fantastic.

    We have longtime friends, who are snowbirds, they live in a 4plex (or maybe they call them garden homes), they love it. They are very happy with their HOA, and they have a very active neighborhood.
    We are watching their place this summer. Each time we go over there someone comes over to make sure it's us and not someone who shouldn't be there. In years past, I would just call those folks nosey, but it's really nice they have people who care enough to keep an eye out.

    Ask away, this forum was an incredible source (and continue to be) for us during our "transition".
  8. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    I'm glad you mentioned the friendly people. Everyone smiles and says hello. I understand the situation is quite different in another unmentionable place nearby.

    My neighborhood has a cocktail party every week in someones courtyard/patio (except when it is 100 degrees which rules out the summer). Everyone brings their own drink and a snack to share. I have had several parties in my courtyard. We also go out to restaurants several times a year and have picnics behind our condos in the shared grassy area.

    My association participates in the Sun City Posse Block Watch program. I am a member of the Posse and encourage others to investigate joining. There are many things you can do besides driving a car. I work the front desk.
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  9. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member

    Thanks for the kind words and helpful info.

    I've been thinking through what would be involved in selling this condo, buying a home in SC, and moving myself, my dog, and my stuff. Sigh. I'm in my late 60's and not as strong as I was the last time I moved which was (a) local and (b) ten years ago. Oh well, I'm still up to it ,and I'm glad I've decided to seriously explore SC before I get any older.

    BTW my username is ambiguous, sort of randomly chosen because I have a circulatory condition that can easily lead to frostbitten extremities. FYI, I'm female. :)
  10. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    Welcome FT. Sun City is going through some changes, however, we are still very happy that we purchased a condo here in 2012/2013. Prices have gone up significantly, but are still affordable.

    We are in Phase 3 above Bell and we are Sunbirds, (I never heard that before Peg). Ww downsized from a SFH to a condo which is 1650 sf and has 2br/2ba with an AZ room and patio in the back.

    We are still working full time and hopefully will continue to do so for another 8-9 years. We are still in our mid to late 50s.

    The thing about owning a condo is there are many condo associations that are self-managed or professionally managed for a fee. Sooner or later I will end up helping to manage because our officers are getting on in years.

    We left behind all of our furniture when we made the move across the country. There are plenty of places to find great used or new furniture. We purchased the prior owner's furniture as it was clear she was very clean and everything was well kept. We ended up donating the beds to Valley View Food Bank Thrift shop. I say the less you bring with you across the country the easier it will be. It was a journey I never want to repeat.

    Our condo fee is $190 a month which includes exterior maintenance, pest control, water, roof repair and replacement. If I think of anything else I will post it.

    Good luck with your move.
  11. 3rdGen

    3rdGen Member

    Welcome to the forum
  12. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    One thing that I forgot to mention is our fantastic Maricopa County Parks system and the great Maricopa County Library system. I think our county park system is the largest in the US and the yearly pass to all is $85.
  13. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    I agree that the library system is GREAT. I use the Bell library but sometimes go to the library at Fairway.

    Books can be ordered over the internet and you are notified by email when they are ready for pickup. They are held about a week. I order about 8 books every 2 weeks.

    The library has many cds and videos and a variety of magazines. You can also checkout an ipod for use in the library.

    Right now, they are having a reading program which ends this month. I have won a gift certificate to a restaurant and a book.

    "Books Around the Corner" at Bell has a variety of books at very reasonable prices.

    There is a program that will deliver books to you (and pickup and return) if you are unable to get to the library.

    Sun City definitely takes care of their residents!
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  14. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Thats a great service program.
  15. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member

    Good to know about the library system there. I'm privileged to live in a metro area with very strong public library systems - the main city and adjoining suburban counties. I've volunteered in our public library's technology center and I use the library a lot. Including checking out ebooks. That's the ultimate luxury: find an ebook I want to read, check it out for free for 21 days, and immediately download it to the Kindle app on my iPad. Instant gratification! :peaceful:
  16. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member

    Well, I'm here! I made it a road trip, arrived a little road-weary but unscathed at my hotel near the Westgate complex. I'm enjoying some quiet time before dinner.

    The Sun City bus tour is tomorrow morning. Thanks again to everyone for the info and the encouraging words.
  17. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Good luck frozen. Hope you enjoy your visit.
  18. Frozen Tootsies

    Frozen Tootsies New Member


    Hmm. If I move here, I'll need a different user name for this forum. No frozen tootsies here! :peaceful:
  19. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    In August in Sun City you are surely Thawed.
  20. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    You may stick with your name. They do air conditioning very well here, once you get used to the heat it seems cold in some restaurants. It's odd to walk out into 100 + degree weather and say, "It feels good out here."

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