How do you keep yourself occupied?

Discussion in 'Just for Fun Talk' started by melroycen, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. melroycen

    melroycen New Member

    For me at the moment is probably revision, but when I'm not revising, I don't have much fun things to do, so how do you guys keep yourself busy?
  2. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    I volunteer at The SC Visitor Center and the Posse.
    Three times a week I excercise at one of the pools.
    Then there is church and a church group.
    Somehow I manage to get in some shopping!
    Also, I spend several hours a day on the computer.
    The only tv I watch is the evening new.
    Then I read a book. About 8 every 2 weeks.
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  3. waynes

    waynes New Member

    Interesting post for me as my wife and I will be moving to sun city this coming oct.Peg do you find your books at one of the rec. centers and if so how many books do they have.I am hoping to be playing golf
    four days a week.I am sure there will be plenty to do.
  4. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    Sun City has 2 libraries - Bell & Fairway. Many, Many, Books!
    You get a library card for Maricopa County Library at one of those libraries - no charge.

    I order books online once every 2 weeks.

    They let me know via email when books are ready for pickup at my library.
    No need to hurry you have about a week to get them.
    It is such a convenient way to get books.
    You can go on internet and update due date for books.

    I prefer large type books and many are available.

    Does this help? Happy to give more info.
  5. waynes

    waynes New Member

    Thank you Peg this helps a lot.there will be a lot to do there,will just have find the time to fit it all in.
  6. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    I think you can also download e-Books from the library.

    Welcome to the board melroycen.
  7. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    Yes. You can download e-book.
    I prefer to hold a book on a pillow in my lap.
  8. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    Me too. I tend to kill a lot of trees printing things out. LOL. I still like to use a yellow highlighter depending on what I am reading/learning.

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