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    Just past 7 am on Thanksgiving Day. Just finished my fourth cup of coffee, couldn't sleep so i crawled out of bed just after 3am. Searched the net for news and stories of interest. One article struck me as being so on point. This will be a tough day for some families as politics may well be the cause of certain consternation and maybe even confrontation.

    I was sad as i read it because we have become that polarized. Just the other night i was reading a post on Facebook from a "friend" that lives in Sun City. We're not close, but i like them enough to have accepted their friend request years back.

    Imagine my surprise when i read this diatribe hating on Obama, Hilary and how the right had left them alone. Really? If that wasn't enough, the closing argument was if the President was impeached there would be a revolt and a civil war would ensue.

    Nope, not turning this into a who's right and who is wrong. I've come to accept people are entitled to their opinions. Hell i switched on two Fox news channels last night and after a couple of minutes i turned to my wife and asked if people really believe this crap?

    One story, two complete different sides of the coin. And that was the point of the article i read this morning...people are going to believe what they are going to believe. Accept their right to do so and for goodness sake, avoid the resentment that comes from talking about it; especially after a couple of adult beverages.

    By the way, my immediate reaction was to write a scathing rebuttal to the Facebook post. Then common sense took hold and i didn't. There was nothing to gain from it, only more crap running down hill. I simply deleted her as a friend so i didn't have to read her comments and she could keep posting her hatred to her hearts content.

    On this special Thanksgiving Day, try and be thankful for all we have and avoid those discussions about the stuff we disagree on. Happy T-Day to all.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife!

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