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Discussion in 'Investment Talk' started by LAPPY50, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. LAPPY50

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    Anyone buying Silver? It is at about $34.00 an ounce! It will go up and it is much more reasonable than Gold at $ 1770. an ounce! I have been buying Silver American Eagles. If you can get them for about $ 3-4 dollars above the price of silver it is a good investment!
    I am buying some Eagles and other Silver coins so I can leave them for the Grandchildren!!!

    Anyone have any questions, go ahead and post or reply on this site and I would give you some ideas!
  2. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    Lappy50!! Thanks for the info!! I am going to buy some silver but I love NATURAL GAS!!!! Check out symbol UNG.. I think it will be HUGE if we have a cold winter!!
  3. Ken

    Ken Administrator

    With the Fed's announcement of QE3 that means more supply of money ultimately right? So doesn't that mean gold will only continue to rise even at the currents levels? Where is the best place to buy gold coins/pieces?
  4. LAPPY50

    LAPPY50 Super Moderator

    Gold is around $1770 and ounce and Silver is around $34.00 an ounce. Some people buy gold and silver as an investment like a commodity and some people like the 'numismatic' or currency value of it. I like both. When I really started buying silver it was just a few months ago and it was at
    $27.00 an ounce.

    The economy has a direct impact on gold and silver because as people get fearful and not comfortable with the economy they want to put some money into something that they can feel, hold and know that it is something that can give value. Now the prices can go up and down just like the stock market but it is something that will last. I am into it for my grandchildren. I want them to see what a great hobby it is as well as an investment.

    I bought a half dollar last month that was minted in 1808 !!!! Can you imagine where that coin was over the last 200+ years!
    Last week I bought a Roman Coin minted (I guess you really can't say it was minted) sometime around 340 AD. The Roman Emperor Constantius I was in power at that time. Just to think about how that coin traveled around the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago!

    I do think that the economy will ultimately get better. I am concerned about the grandchildren's generation and the debt they will be faced with.
    Hopefully the election will improve things!
  5. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    Another alternative is to buy Precious metal mutual funds that track with gold and silver as well. I know they are still a market security but the one I have ran up nice when gold rose significantly the last time. There are several out there and the transaction is easy as you guys know. Lappy50, Is the direct metal purchase fairly simple? Who do you use??



    PS I loved the Roman thing!!
  6. LAPPY50

    LAPPY50 Super Moderator

    Ironman, hope you are well!! I do have a Gold Mutual fund as well symbol is GLD. I like it also. I guess I got into the coin thing and even paper money years ago and when precious metals started becoming popular it just caught my attention to invest as an alternative savings vehicle.

    It is fun and it will be something that the kids and grandkids could look at and enjoy 40-50 years from now.

    Go on to eBay sometime and just look at some of the coins and currency that they have for sale. There are auction sites like ICollector, Proxibid etc. and even wholesale/Retail businesses like Bullion Direct and Apmex.
    Ebay is good because there is no premium mark-up and if you order from out of state you usually don't pay taxes on the purchase.

    Hope to see you guys soon!
  7. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    Grazie Lappy50,

    Will check out some of the ebay stuff. Hope to see you guys soon as well--it will happen!!


  8. valura

    valura New Member

    First Gold buy was $383.00 for 1oz Krugerrand
    First Silver buy was $35.00 for 10oz Bar
    And Still buying.

    Perfect is good enough,
    But good enough is rarely perfect.

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