From Star Wars to Grizzly Bears

Discussion in 'Talk of Movies' started by aggie, Jan 14, 2016.

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    We went to see Star Wars in 3D last week. I'm much more of a Star Trek fan but the movie was good. They did a great job at the techie stuff and the storyline was easy to follow. It was great seeing the original cast and they've aged well. It's not necessary to see it in 3D but it did enhance the effects. Avatar is still the best 3D movie we've seen.

    We saw The Revenant yesterday. More than the bear was grizzly in this movie so beware of a lot of graphic violence. I'd read the book and preferred it to seeing the movie. The dialog was difficult to hear and follow most times. The locations and plot were more clearly defined in the book. If you liked this director's movie Birdman you'd probably like Revenant. It's a bit bizarre in places and this is one movie that it would have been great to have subtitles throughout.

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