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  1. SCR

    SCR New Member

    Has anyone gotten their new EPCOR bill for service for the month of June?
  2. BPearson

    BPearson New Member

    Didn't get my bill yet SCR, but i did get this marvelous 6 page full color promotional piece about the wonders of consolidation from EPCOR. Freaking shameful. How about a little intellectual honesty and just draft one for Sun City thanking them for now subsidizing the rest of the waste water districts.

    So you all know, on Monday July 24 from 4 to 5:30 pm the EPCOR group will be at Sun Dial Auditorium trotting out their world renowned dog and pony show.
    Once again they will be standing there telling us what a great deal we are getting thanks to the clowns from the ACC. Too bad those jackasses (less Bob Burns) won't have their over paid behinds in the hot seats to get an earful.

    I plan to be there in full outrage mode...not that it will do any good, because if we are to stop this, it will only happen because of the efforts of SCHOA and the donations from Sun City residents.
  3. Cynthia

    Cynthia Active Member

    I have a bill from 06/08-06/28. I don't know your question but my bill did not increase. What did you want to know about it?
  4. SCR

    SCR New Member

    Cynthia, you are probably on a different bill cycle. Also, if your bill is from 06/08/17 to 06/28/17 there should be no increase.
    The increase is effective as of July 1, 2017, so your next bill will reflect the increase.

    Bill, I haven't got my bill yet either. My last bill was from may 2, 2017 to June 2, 2017, so I should have seen a new bill around July 2, 2017.
    Epcor has had more than ample time to modify their billing system to account for the new rates and bills for the period of June 3, 2017 through July 2, 2017 should have been produced and mailed. Bills after the July 1, 2017 increase in waste water rates should show up around August 2, 2017.

    I'd look at my next bill very carefully. If the billing period is greater than 30 to 32 days, you are going to pay a higher rate for water and the new waste water rate will be increased. If you are paying for more than 32 days for water, your fees will be higher and your taxes will be higher.

    EPCOR has no excuse for not having your latest bill in your hands by this time.
  5. pegmih

    pegmih New Member

    Water is included in my monthly HOA payment. How can I find out about increase?
    I suppose I can ask the president.
  6. LMaple

    LMaple New Member

    If you haven't donated to the fund SCHOA is handling to fight this ruling by bringing a lawsuit against Arizona Corporate Commission you really should. We need to let the Bullies know that we are not going to take this without a fight. Send any donations to SCHOA 10401 W Coggins Dr, Sun City 85351. Make sure you mention that the money is for the Waste Water Lawsuit. You might or might not know that the FBI is looking into all of the actions of the Arizona Corporate Commissioners for fraud and all kinds of illegal actions. Go get them FBI!!!
  7. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Active Member

    We received an EPCOR flyer from Colby which was passed around to the board via e-mail, and should be circulated to the owners. Starting July 1st, the waste water bill increases by $5.02 per month per condo unit. It's set to increase every July for five years.

    And this is only for the waste water, am I correct?

    Didn't the judge also recommend consolidation for the water as well? When is that expected to increase?

    We contributed to the legal fund and encouraged others to do so as well.

    What would be the purpose of an additional dog and pony show? Seems like adding insult to injury. :mad-new:
  8. SCR

    SCR New Member

    Consolidation of the water districts will be a separate rate case. If the lawsuit does not result in relief for Sun City, then a precedent will have been set and a water consolidation will be approved by the ACC in the new rate case.

    I believe the dog and pony show on the 24th is a requirement of the ACC settlement on waste water.
  9. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Active Member

    Thanks, SCR. I wasn't sure if I understood it correctly.

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