Earth Day and recycling in Sun City

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  1. Cynthia

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    Today is Earth Day. The original Earth Day, April 22, 1970, involved large crowds and parades. While recycling has increased since then, Arizona is not doing a very good job. And despite Parks and Sons website extolling recycling, I think their pick-up methods actually discourage it.

    Twice a week for trash and twice a month for recycling...and on different days. Not only is it difficult to remember that recycling day, by having four times as many trash days it encourages people to just put it in the trash. Where I live now both are picked up weekly, which many cities do, and my city has a fairly good rate of recycling compared to many other states (of course we could do better).

    I am never in SC for recycling days as I usually travel there on the off recycling week due to my work schedule. I do haul my stuff to the recycling bins they provide in Greenway Shopping area, but many people may not be willing or physically able to do that. I hope to have a discussion with Parks and Sons about this when I move there at the end of this year.

    Recycling rates: Glendale less than 10 %; Tempe at 11%; Mesa and Gilbert at 22 %; Scottsdale at 17% t;Peoria at 23%. Compare that to the national average of 38%. Others do even better San Diego is 65 %, Los Angeles 76 %, Portland’s about 70 %, Seattle more than 56 %. Click that percentage sentence/link for more info. Take the quiz: what you can and cannot recycle

    Does the erratic recycling days effect your recycling habits?
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  2. SunCityGal

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    At least recycling is offered, which is more than I can say for many places. We were in San Diego for a week, and the only recycling being done was that of aluminum cans. Nothing for glass, plastics, or other items. It took a great deal of public persuasion to get the combination recycle going which is currently in place. I guess I find it adequate for what we do, as I put in our calendar for the month and the calendar is posted on the refrigerator for us to review what we are doing on what day. We keep four plastic bins strictly for recycle at our home. We do clean out the food items and remove labels from plastic when it is deemed recyclable. It may seem strange at first, but looking at the weeks and seeing which ones are the Wednesdays of the 2nd and 4th week is not all that hard, imho.
  3. BPearson

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    When we first moved here there was no recycling at all. No pick up, just drop off. Coming from a more liberal state like MN we were stunned. AZ has made inroads, but still has a way to go.
  4. Emily Litella

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    Not really. You get used to it. You just save the stuff in sorted plastic bins/pails in the garage and remember to put them out on the right day.
  5. pegmih

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    I have a bin for newspapers and a box for recycles (cardboard, bottles, etc)
    The day before recycle day I dump the recycles on top of the newspapers.
    Bingo! all gone. My neighbor taught me that.
    Before I put out a box with each of the items.
  6. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Maybe Sun City is doing better than the rest of Phoenix the area. I could not find stats for Sun City so no way to know.
  7. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    According to the stats San Diego recycles 65%. Maybe it all goes in one container? L.A. doesn't have separate bins for each item... everything goes in one blue bin and gets separated at the recycling centers. At my job we have one for paper and one for glass/plastic/aluminum.
  8. CMartinez

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    I should clarify. We stayed at an RV park in Chula Vista that was also connected to the marina. There was no recycling available at either location. If we went down about a mile to a city park, there were recycle bins down there. We did take all of our plastic down there, as it just felt wrong to throw all of the stuff we knew was recyclable, away.
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