Do the Common Walls need to be Repainted? By Whom?

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by LMaple, Jul 9, 2017.

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    As I stated in my introduction thread, I am the President of Sun City RAP and we have formed a Wall Committee to undertake the huge project of getting all of the painted wall within Sun City repainted. The last time they were painted was in 2000 and they are in need of a new coat of paint. Sun City is not a formal city so all needs of the community have to be handled somehow by the residents one way or another. We have RCSC of which we pay an annual fee so they can maintain the property under their control i.e Golf Courses, Recreation Centers, Sun Bowl, Dog Park, the new structure they recently purchased on Grand. Unlike Sun City West where they maintain the walls in Sun City West, RCSC has no responsibility for Sun City walls. SCHOA's purpose is to enforce the CC&Rs of Sun City and they have no further responsibility to maintain any property other than their own building. The have taken on many other ways of benefiting all of Sun City Residents such as free annual phone book, local maps updated each year, many forums and other events to better inform the residents just to name a few. They have no responsibility in the walls in Sun City. The walls are not on County property so the County has no responsibility either.
    So that leaves the solution in the laps of all the residents to help out in funding this project and in the last year we have had about 150 concerned residents send in tax deductible donations to help :love_heart: We also received help from several organization that stepped forward to help out. We are only about 1/3rd of the way and we still need more funds to finish this project. If you can help please send any amount large or small to SCRAP 10401 W Coggins Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351. With your help we can get our walls repainted and keep Sun City the most desirable community to live in.
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    Hey LM, great job on the walls. Just for a little bit of history: the walls were never even an after thought by DEVCO. It wasn't until they built Sun City West the developer thought to make wall ownership part of the RCSCW. And if memory serves me, some of the walls that are adjacent to golf courses, rec centers and other RCSC owned properties are in fact their responsibility.

    With all of that said, the Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA) is doing an awesome job of taking on the wall project via SCRAP. It is an enormous task and every time i see one of their signs next to a painted section it brings joy to my heart. I know any donation is appreciated and will all be used to keep Sun City looking great.
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    Surprised it's not more than 150. Maybe run another article in the Independent when the snowbirds start to return? Thanks for all you do for Sun City and welcome to the board, Lloyd. And yes, the walls look great!

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