Anybody watch the board/member exchange?

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by BPearson, May 17, 2018.

  1. BPearson

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    Missed it this last Monday; love to say i was out doing really important stuff but alas, simply slept in. I was delighted to get the email link that afternoon showing the meeting. Filled the popcorn bowl and settled in to see just what i had missed.

    First off, i saw something i had never seen in the 15 years of going to/watching meetings. There were only 5 board members present. Never, ever saw such a poor turnout by the board. I get it, stuff happens. When I was on the board, it was expected you would in fact have be there unless you had a damned good reason.

    The democrats were out in force and were looking at a motion that will be voted on this month. I know what the current language says, but i cannot get my head around what the change is they are voting on. Sometimes in their rewrite clarity of intent is missing in action. And when questioned, i never did hear an answer.

    I did enjoy Ben Roloff's comments regarding the Life Long Learning Club. He covered the history most are clueless about in Sun City and left himself room to appear before the Long Range Planning committee to move them towards understanding what is happening in other communities. We are way behind what most others do on the cerebral side of the ledger.

    Finally, i was disappointed in how the president bit back at one of the residents who raised the topic addressed here on this site. Being protective of board members is admirable, but when there is reason for broaching a topic that is pretty clear, pretending it is not an issue is silly.

    Said board member had been to one board meeting this year, and not sure how many of the member/exchanges he has missed (clearly most of them, if not all of them). And it should be noted he missed the annual membership meeting. And they know exactly how many of his chairman and co chair meetings he has attended.

    It was an anomaly, to be down to 5 board members, but when you are consistently down 1, it just gets that much easier to end up in the position they found themselves in. And if missing has no downside, does it become the norm? I'm as compassionate as the next guy, but if you run for the board, get your butt in the chair.

    Delighted we are now showing these meetings on line, because it gives us the chance to keep up with what we missed.
  2. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Ok but don't get too comfortable in those PJs...we need you to show up at the meetings and speak your mind.

    Apparently a new dog park is in the works but as I had said (or maybe just thought earlier) they absolutely will not carve out a part of Duffyland. Hey's not always that little dogs are going to fight, some are just afraid of big dogs so they don't even try to go to big dog parks. But I hope it gets done sooner than later. Dare I hope for a year? Two? Ten? What do you think are the time possibilities since it's not on the budget or not even spoken about until this meeting? Or would it not cost enough to be on the big budget...not sure how that works. Just don't want to get my dogs' hopes up. I'm not going to tell them yet.

    I suppose jokes are not the best to make about sensitive topics, many people use humor to diffuse the situation, but the president did seem to get a bit huffy when the missing board member question. Put me on the list BP of those you need to fill up your board pact when you are ready to go for it again. I'd give it a go if you do. I doubt I would get elected, but I'm willing to try my best.
  3. CMartinez

    CMartinez Member

    There was a second dog park approved when I was still on the board. As a matter of fact the dog park I proposed happened before Duffyland. It was to be a segregated park for large and small dogs, separate fencing with water and shade, to be built in the retention basin behind the ball park. But, not to drag out a long story, we ended up purchasing the Duffyland park. I was told the 2nd dog park was on hold until we were sure we could handle a second dog park. It would appear we now have the ability to handle a second dog park, we even had people in the area around the ball park retention basin offering to step up and volunteer, the same way the members do at Duffyland. There would be a need to re-canvas the members as to their willingness to have a dog park in their area. Back when this was all approved, the bulk of the units were empty, so it made it so easy to look at the location and find it perfect.

    So, in essence the "2nd" dog park has been in the plans for years, just needing the impetus from the board to move forward.
  4. CMartinez

    CMartinez Member

    The absence of this one director goes back to last year. From what I understand, his wife has passed away. May she rest in peace. I could understand missing a few meetings to grieve, but this has become a regular occurrence. The RCSC documents clearly state if a member is unable or unwilling to serve, he/she shall be removed. With the unbalance on the board, several motions have been passed which may not have passed had there been the total of 9 directors voting. Getting bristly with a cardholder is not a good thing. People need to feel the member exchanges are a place to garner answers and have a discussion about issues affecting the board and the RCSC.

    As for the second dog park, only time will tell if the board and GM can agree to move forward.

    Removed the previous post, it was over the top and would be better placed as a new topic, sorry.
  5. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    I don’t live near that proposed area of the 2nd park but I would be willing to help work on it to set it up if help is needed. Do you know how they will ask for that? Maybe the Duffyland people will start something. Since one of them brought it up at the meeting they must also have an interest in the new one.
  6. CMartinez

    CMartinez Member

    Cynthia, when the 2nd dog park was still an active item, the Duffyland folks offered to help the group, whomever they end up being, assist in getting setup and organizing their volunteer efforts. But the expectation from the Duffeeland club is the new park would have its own club to support the new dog park. They support the new park, which is great. The new park would have been a divided park, one side for small dogs and one side large dogs, fenced off with water provided and shade screens strategically placed. The former AGM even had drawings of what the park would look like. It was even placed in the budget for completion, but when Duffyland was purchased, the original dog park was left to the wayside.
  7. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    Thanks Carole. I deleted mine too. I made some assumptions and jumped to conclusions that I shouldn't have, and I apologize for that.

    I appreciate the explanations.
  8. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    I'm not a member of Duffeeland, but have gone to their open houses a couple of times. I too would be willing to help with any new dog park on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

    I have a medium-sized and smaller dogs. We don't use the dog park now because my little girl is not well behaved.

    The only way I expect to take on any animals in the future is if someone passes and the pet has nowhere to go but a shelter. Maybe (if it's not being done already), there can be announcements to the community when this occurs so that people can step up before a pet goes to a shelter. Just some thoughts.
  9. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Nice everybody is being so agreeable. Rather than belabor the current dilemma, let me speak from purely a historical perspective. Over the years there have been directors who have died or quit and it has spurned quite the debate. Often the candidate who didn't quite make it feels the opening should go to them. On the other hand, the board has the right by document to appoint a director of their choosing. That isn't always viewed well by the community or the candidate who feels they should fill the opening. And so i am clear, i don't know who received the 4th highest votes in the last election. I do know that sometimes clinging to the devil you do know is viewed as better than embracing the devil you don't. No idea if this is in part motivating the board's inaction, but clearly they need to fix the 1 board person down issue one way or the other.
  10. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    The BoD members as Devils.
    I like it.
  11. aggie

    aggie Active Member

    Well we now know that Rich Hoffer was appointed to the BOD. He hasn't been off the Board too long so should be able to slide right back in....
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  12. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    But not back into his President's Chair, I don't think. It will be interesting to see who does all the talking now since Rich did 87% of the talking while he was on the BoD.
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  13. CMartinez

    CMartinez Member

    Do you really think not being President will have him stop talking?
  14. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    Well that's where the fun of being a watcher comes from. I'm suggesting that the current Pres will back off a bit and allow Rich to go for it.

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