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    Lappy50, BMac, Ironman - you all should read this book. It is written by David Wiedemer and some other analyst who predicted the recent collapse of the real estate bubble and recession. They currently are predicting a dollar and government debt bubble that we are in and with QE1, QE2, and now QE3 that these bubbles are going to 'pop' when inflation hits 10% and interest rates shoot up at the same time. The value of the dollar is going to go down with all the money printing and investors will pull back on the dollar cause the dollar bubble to pop then the government debt bubble will follow. In 2007 the government had $163 billion in debt and in 2010 we borrowed $1.4 trillion which is 2x GDP and unsustainable. When these bubbles pop they predict that the stock market will have a huge crash, unemployment shoot up, real estate drop to lows below what we just experienced, and other dynamics. In the book they lay it all out as well as how to capitalize on the downturn. A great read but let me know what you think.

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    I am definitely reading this book.... I hope there wrong...
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    The election will tell us alot about where we are headed. I will add that book to my e-reader for sure! Thanks for the suggestion on it!

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