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    To Everyone -

    You will notice 2 boxes that are labeled 'Advertisements'. One is horizontal below the 'Premium Sponsor' box and the other is in the left tower below the 'Premium Tower' box.

    These 2 boxes contain ads delivered by Google. Google will deliver ads based on what it see's your internet surfing habits to be or what it believes might be of interest. When a user clicks on one of these ads Google pays the site a small amount. It is a way that we try to offset the cost of operating the site.

    We like to let people know how these work and that we are not delivering these ads but they come from Google.

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    Thanks Admin... I'll click on them and support the site!!
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    I think I will click on them also. Gotta support TOSC.
    BTW. I might have gotten a new member today.
    I'll watch for her name.

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