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    Let's give the "bastard's" a break for a bit and celebrate some really, really great news. Lloyd Maple and the SCHOA bunch have been working with the County for almost two years now. They have been relentless in their efforts to return the identity of our community back to the one that served us for so many years...City of Volunteers.

    The county agreed to replace the existing signage; The Original Fun City with the the new/old logo and saying. There was a caveat, they needed Pulte to authorize the use of the logo. I talked to a long time Pulte employee who told me to tell them two things. They most likely will agree, they don't even use the logo any more and don't waste time locally, go straight to Atlanta.

    Lloyd is tenacious when he wants to get something done and he stayed on it till he got written approval from Pulte. I believe they have already started replacing the county signs. I posted a photo of the one we have at the Museum and a brief story on the Facebook Sun City Chat AZ and have gotten lots of likes. We should never have left the slogan and our identity. The change did nothing to enhance our image.

    Oddly enough, as i was driving around today i saw several of the RCSC electronic marques. For years they have proclaimed we are "The City of Volunteers," however today i noted they now read "The Original Fun City." I have no idea how long ago the change was made but it certainly shocked me to see them flashing that moniker when for so long they said something way better.

    Here's the link to the Facebook page. If you want to comment you need to register.
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    Great news !!

    I'm so glad we are finally getting rid of that demeaning phrase.

    Sun City is so much more than a "Fun City"
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    I wrote this on this forum under "New Signage in Sun City" over 6 years ago when the RCSC changed our welcome signs. So happy to find something is finally being done about it.

    "I think the new signs are terrible. "Original Fun City".....who voted or approved that phrase??? I'm assuming that the RCSC had their hand in this project because of the color scheme which I also have never liked. Sorry to be so grumpy about this but I think the RCSC is overstepping its bounds by putting these signs off RCSC property. The County would not have come up with these signs on their own.
    I'd prefer no signs at all to these."
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    Damn aggie, i figured i could get out you from under your bed with this one :p. I try very hard to forget the missteps we have taken along the way, remembering and having watched it happen is almost too painful to endure. As we were marching down the road of ignoring our history and stripping the community of our rights, i tried one last ploy with my fellow board members. Arguing with them, or Carole and i voting no when everyone else said yes, was also a disaster. We were going to make no substantive difference when the golf cabal linked arms with the GM to do whatever they wanted.

    I got elected knowing the score and was willing to endure their stupid as long as i could introduce logical common sense approach's to the discussion (not that it mattered). My one Hail Mary (should that be capitalized) was this: Hold a semi-annual town hall meeting where we could post topics of interest. Nothing threatening there; no motions could be made, just input for the board to consider. Yup, it was shot down as i seem to recall the gm telling me all we would get there were the moaners and whiners. Really?

    Meeker built Sun City based on input from those who lived here. Hell, at times he vehemently disagreed with them. In the end, he understood it was their/our community and for it to survive would take residents embracing an ownership stake in its future. Hardly what we are seeing going on now is it? I have no proof, but it certainly appears as if once the RCSC found out SCHOA was working with the county to reinstate our signage and our identity they changed their electronic message boards. It would indeed be interesting to find out when that happened.
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  5. aggie

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    Yup, you did get my attention with your post. Can't wait to see change in signage take place. I'm not sure, but I think the "Fun City" on the RCSC electronic billboards has been displayed for quite awhile. You have to catch the information while driving or walking by so it may have gone unnoticed.
  6. BPearson

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    I've freely admitted all along i am different. I pay attention to things most others ignore. I know for a fact the electronic signage read "City of Volunteers" for much of this year. Having been one of the board members who championed those marques, i invariably watch what is on them pretty closely. I know the decision to put that on them (City of Volunteers), was in large part due to people like you aggie who were disappointed in the change the GM wanted; "Sun City the Original Fun City." There was an outcry when the change was made and it was a concession to placate those unhappy with the new moniker.

    What i don't know is when the change was made. Had to be sometime fairly recent. Maybe a board member would like to come on enlighten us (when freaking pigs fly eh?).

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