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    The Sheriff's Posse
    of Sun City Arizona (Original)

    WELCOME to The Sheriff's Posse of Arizona forum!! This forum was designed to learn more about The Posse, ask questions, receive the latest information and updates from The Posse.

    Many residents of Sun City are Posse members and can also contribute to helping answering questions. is in support of what The Posse and it's members do to make Sun City Arizona one of the safest communities around.

    Posse members are volunteers and receive no pay from the County or community they serve. Many are average citizens who wish to provide a service to the persons in their patrol areas. There are a few that are former or retired police officers. A basic Sun City Posse Member does not have to undergo physical agility testing. A valid Arizona driver license and Sun City residence is required. All training for the position is provided by Sun City Posse Instructors at no charge to the candidate. Uniforms, badge, and nameplate are provided. The duties are very low stress. Posse patrols respond to dispatches at the speed limit and the tasks assigned are not hazardous. In a few words, a Sun City Posse person is never placed in Harm’s Way.

    Hope "The Posse" forum is useful and informative to all Sun City Arizona (Original) Residents. Please first visit "The Posse" website to get yourself familiar with everything The Posse does by clicking on link below:

    If you wish to donate to The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City you can find instructions on how to do so here on their website here:
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  2. gilmark

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    Do Posse members get to chose what types of services they will provide, such as not having to stand outside in chilly weather for hours monitoring a concert?
  3. pegmih

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    I think that Posse members can choose what they want to do. I did.
    The Commander will probably have a more precise answer.
  4. SCPossecmdr

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    Posse members are volunteers. The Posse will never require you to do anything that you feel is dangerous to your health or safety.
  5. aggie

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    Just want to post some information about the upcoming Sun City Posse Open House:

    The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City
    OPEN HOUSE: March 5th
    That is THIS coming Sunday
    1 PM to 3 PM

    It's always informative whether you are new to Sun City or a long timer.
  6. Emily Litella

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    Will stop in briefly. I am a huge fan of our Posse. I hope Penzone will make an appearance. Thanks for the reminder, aggie.
  7. Is Sheriff Penzone involved in any way?
    I believe that Sheriff Arpio was a strong supporter of the Posse and had significant involvement.
    I don't sense that from Sheriff Penzone.

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