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  1. I searched through the threads for SCHOA and found many old threads. Most of the current topics are regarding RCSC.

    I am running for the SCHOA board (2022). I was not ready for the RCSC board.
    I would appreciate support from SCHOA members in this election. But 4 Candidates for 4 Openings ...

    I will be focusing my energy mainly on SCHOA. Like most people, I have limited time and resources available. I will continue to monitor these forums and post my Personal Opinions (not those of SCHOA). Just read my signature. However I may not be as active as I have been recently. These forums can become very time consuming. :rolleyes: Time is my most precious resource. Family First. Community Second.
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    Good luck, tough position on the SCHOA board. Ben Roloff, myself and several others got elected to the board in 2006 when it was an abomination. The organization was useless; there were 75 plus complaints sitting on the executive directors desk and they were doing nothing...too expensive they argued. Consequently no one gave a damn when they were notified to clean up their property.

    6 months in several of us went to the board president and said join us or stay out of the way, we are going to rebuild it. He got out of our way. We told the 10 or 12 staff members we were going to help them be successful in doing their jobs. Within two weeks, all but one of them resigned. It was the best thing that could have happened; dead wood is simply dead wood.

    As i have written many times, education and communication was at the core of the new organization. We worked our butts off to get it started and over the years it has stayed on a steady course. Occasionally they think they are the Chamber of Commerce or a wing of the republican party, but someone helps them grasp reality, their job is to enforce the CC&R's. Everything thing else is a distant second.

    So you know, virtually everyone of us who have served the organization has asked, why isn't membership mandatory? As you know Mike, all not for profits start with their Articles of Incorporation. Unfortunately it was set up to be voluntary. Their attorney tells us it would take a vote of the membership to become mandatory and in all likelihood would fail miserably.
  3. I have written several letters to the editor of the Sun City Independent. I sign them with my own Name, Address, Email and Phone. I never put an affiliation to an organization. However someone told me that they thought I was expressing SCHOA's opinion. I AM NOT. I am expressing my own, personal opinion.

    This is an example of ignorant and stupid people. I am not even on the SCHOA board. So my current affiliation is as a regular citizen. Even if I get elected I am still entitled to my own personal opinion. It's up to SCHOA to express a SCHOA opinion. If they do, it will be obvious that it is a SCHOA opinion.

    I guess I'll have to add the line "This is my personal opinion" to future letters. Bah Humbug. Political correctness has its place, but to an extreme, it destroys real communication. Opinions and disagreement are part of life. A little Tolerance would be nice. I work hard at what I write. I strive for clarity. I never suggest my opinion is the right one or the only one. It's just sharing what I think. I won't use offensive language. However I am human, and make mistakes. I like to share my ideas.
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    It will get worse. Some board members think that once you become a member of the board you should take the vow of silence (at least regarding the written word).
  5. I'm a big boy and will deal with it as necessary.
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