Memorial Day--Good time to visit display on Del Webb

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by suncityjack, May 31, 2021.

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    I remember when this was first put up. we were working our ass off to make SCHOA relevant in the community and the compliance guys sent a letter telling him to take it down. He did. Horrible optics and then Veteran's groups starting demonstrating on the site. Ugly and we quickly and quietly told him he could put it back up. There was always two camps on good or bad but in the end having it there wasn't hurting anyone. I suspect there was more consternation when he put up the "Red Rocks of Sedona" on the perimeter of his property.

    May each of us remember in our own way those who gave all on this Memorial Day.
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    What makes me upset is they have the Israeli flag flying along with the American flag. This is not the United States of Israel! Israel you would think would have learned something about the way you treat people. Confining people who have nothing to begin with in basically a walled in area with no control over their water and electricity and supplies is wrong. Netanyahu is the scum of the world. The hardcore Jews get a good feeling slaughtering women and children. We need to cut all funding until they clean up their act. Much of the land in not theirs and should be given back.
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    Thanks for the background info. I just found it odd that the American Legion would give its blessing to a display that is religiously oriented, especially not in an inclusive way.
    Yes, I am aware of the two camps re: the display and the red rocks, just as there re: a number of personal taste displays (lawn ornaments, signs, and flags) and there seem to be more than ever, but our CCRs are so limited and that can be both a blessing and a curse. The newer communities realize some cohesiveness in aesthetics helps maintain curb appeal and thus enhances property values as well as a sense of community ownership, so they have more stringent guidelines and committee oversight--often with leeway for residents to appeal for waivers. I'm sure when ours was written there was little idea just how far some would want to go to assert their individuality over the sensibilities of their neighbors and community.
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    I will say this for you say what, there's never a doubt about how you feel on any given topic. Frankly i have never understood the hatred of the Jews, not even one little bit. I get the fight over where they each want to call home, but it is way beyond my pay grade. Not a Netanyahu fan, but he is following in a long line of strong leaders from Israel who are willing to fight and die for what they believe in. Sadly, all too often there is too much death and destruction and still no resolve to the issues. Nobody wins no matter how much you claim victory.

    I would agree scj, there is always a handful that push the envelope. The goof over on Burns with three flag poles, two flags per pole was out putting up another flag today. At least this one appeared to be for Memorial day rather than celebrating the mango messiah (thanks to Susan Bagwell for that gem). You really do wonder what drives people to prove to the world they are a jackass?
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    And the one on McPhee and Cameo with two flagpoles, with 2 or 3 on each including at various times Pirate, Pro Mango Messiah (love it!), Gadsen, Confedate Battle Flag, Communist Flag, strange US flag that looks almost all black, etc. Oh, and signs too, one of which is the Biden: Not My President one. Real classy addition to the neighborhood.
    Anyway, on Nextdoor a discussion got going re: the Boswell display and I was curious about what it looked like before what's there now, so someone did some time travel on Google Street Views and found these so I'm posting them for posterity. BTW, does the museum have some way of documenting such neighborhood sites? View attachment 1717 oldBoswelldisplay9crosses.jpg OldBoswelldisplay16crosses.jpg
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    Great question scj and sadly the answer is no. For years our docents had as one of their regular duties to cut stories from the weekly or daily newspapers and put them in files or create files. As newspapers became more scarce and as we got more busy with less volunteers it came to a screeching halt. We debated with newspapers being archived on line, was there even a need? When i read about how the Museum came to be, someone along the way made the argument "today's news is tomorrow's history." So on point and the tragic truth is not enough people care about our history,

    I haven't been posting much because i've found another outlet to reach people. While not a big fan of social media, i stumbled across Sun City Chat on Facebook, joined the group and post two or three photo's and comments each day. You can find the link here:
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    Thanks for the link BP, I gave up on FB six months before the election, but might wander back.
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    Thanks for the link, but I'm not on FB as I can barely keep up with my email, Nextdoor, and periodic visits here, but I'm glad you found another way to reach people with all your interesting SC info!
    As the person told you said, "today's news is tomorrow's history," so I would hope the museum sees that the continuing evolving story of SC needs documentation and it should not just be left to what appears in the newspapers as that is such a narrow lens through which to view what our life here is really like.
    Some professional advice about the logistics of doing something in that area might be available through some of AAM's resources/grants/visits, but as a quick fix, why not have a FB museum section devoted to sharing scenes around SC, asking folks for details like date and location and subject so that a timeline of sorts is created, and a committee could decide monthly, quarterly, surely at least annually, which items should remain archived and which purged. We'd at least have something to show posterity re: more ephemeral but interesting things like the Boswell Memorial Display, the mural that was on the 103rd and Grand gas station, etc. It could bolster community involvement and also provide a built-in Annual Mtg. slideshow of the year that was....
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    If you want the info/pics to remain available across time I don't think relying on FB or any other commercial media venue can be relied upon. Honestly, they don't care whether your info survives -- they care about making money. Even gov't fails -- I needed a copy of my father's death certificate from the 60's a couple years ago and my home state couldn't produce it for the $75 fee they charged for looking. It predated their computer system, so effectively they've lost it in a mere 50-years. If the museum wants to make sure the info survives over time they'll have to make sure it does themselves -- we can no longer rely on hardcopy archived by newspapers, etc.

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