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    Sometimes I find it difficult (or annoying) to be following along in a Thread and have it wander onto another topic. Someone else suggested we try to keep to the subject of the post.

    It might be helpful to create your new Thread(s) with a more specific Header. This one is called "Keeping to the Topic" so I don't image there will be a lot said in it.

    The other thing you might remember is that if you have a specific question to the poster, you can always start a Conversation with them.


    One caveat - you must know the name of the person to whom you are sending the email, and you must put it in exactly as written. For example, mine will be OneDayAtATime.

    *Go to the bottom of this page.

    *In the right corner, click on the arrow inside the double arrow. If you hover over it, it says "Open Quick Navigation.

    *On the left side of the pop-up, under General Links, click on Conversation

    *Click on "Start a New Conversation."

    The more names on the list, the easier it will be to stay in communication with each other!

    Another way to send a private email is to click on the box located in the upper left hand corner of the thread with the poster's screen name.

    As long as you are Logged-in you can click on OneDayAtATime's avatar photo, another box will appear, and you'll see "Start a Conversation". You can send a private e-mail that way too.
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    That's what I was attempting to do with the thread "For Those Interested in Robert's Rules" until it was highjacked to talk about CAPTCHA's and not being allowed to log-on or upload photo's etc.!?!?! Meanwhile....2 pages later....!

    I was hoping to post the correct way the rules should be followed and explain the wrong ways the RCSC is using them!

    I know some board members monitor this site and was hoping they could educate themselves by following this thread! I don't just post my opinion, I post where the rule can be found within Robert's Rules...that is...if they even own a copy!

    Perhaps, if my emails to the board were responded to in a positive manner with a bit of sincerity, a few questions and requests for explanations I might have accepted their offer to act as parliamentarian, but when their response was mostly crickets, or even disagreements, why would I want to subject myself to that humiliation while sitting up there on the stage?

    Just say'n!
  3. Guilty! of wandering at times. I agree that comments should stay true to the Thread.
  4. If we had an administrator for Talk of Sun City, certain common topics could be made Sticky - Always at the top of the list. This would help uses appropriate topics and not always create a retread topic.
  5. My third post to this thread... STICKY THREADS

    I have attempted to reach out to the Admin of Talk Of Sun City. Got to Forums -> Sun City New Members -> New Members Introduce yourself Start A New Thread

    This is the first thread and the poster is Admin. Note the Blue dot. This is a Sticky Thread. It will always be at the top of the list.
    The post is from September 2012... The latest post from Admin was Sept 2020 about the Site Upgrade.. I don't know how often this person watches this forum. I have found nothing more recent.

    This is a starting point. I asked:

    How can we make some threads sticky under Sun City General Discussions?
    Can we request you to do it?
    If I can get a consensus from the current users as to a list of sticky threads, would you implement this?
    Can you delegate this capability to an individual or small group of individuals.​

    Hopefully I will get a response. In the mean time, lets try and put together a list of Threads that we would like to be sticky.

    Keep the list to no more than 10 threads. If we can get sticky threads, this would help keep people focused in the right area for discussions.

    Suggestions to start:
    • RCSC Board
    • RCSC Management
    • SCHOA
    • Golf
    • RCSC Bylaws, Policies, Rules
    • FAQ (frequently asked questions).
    • Safety and Security
    • Technology
    • RCSC Clubs
    Post your feedback!!

    None of this will affect the ability create new threads. It would only make this list always be at the top.
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    While i am neither a techie or a skilled typist, i have been playing around on message boards and forums for some 20 years. Done more than my share of posting and to be honest, i tend not to get caught up in the minutia of threads veering slightly off topic. Just not a big deal unless it is someone trolling and trying to hijack a thread.

    The other issue, sticky's, is a feature/function of a site that some like, others would hate. Sticky's tend to be needed when there are too many varied threads and some are more important than others. I can live with them, or without. My preference would be a more user friendly site where topics are categorized and easy to find based on what one is looking for.

    When i bought the url for We Love Sun City, i actually drew up a structure that i think would work. An old friend encouraged a system of planning called mind-mapping and as he tried to explain it to me, it made absolute sense. I find most websites to try and be all-things-to-all-people. It's that old argument of quantity or quality. My preference these days would be quality every time.

    Over the years i have grown to appreciate the owners of TOSC. There is no apparent return on investment to them and yet they have maintained and improved it as it went along. No idea why, but kudos for doing so. At some point it will just go away and therein is the reason for looking for our own site.

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