Hi I’m a newbie here but not to Sun City phase 2 ... been here 8 years.

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    My name is Ellie I live here with my husband. My mom always wanted to live here but Alzheimer’s took over her destination.
    We love living here, the history...all the good things about Sun City we love and respect. My next paragraph will be much different, I need some answers, suggestions and I hope you can help.

    One of my neighbors developed Dementia she has no one here for her. She would come over everyday, several times with problems, not necessarily new ones. She has sons in the Midwest but she apparently moved herself down here some 20 yrs ago when her husband died. Her hygiene wasn’t good when she was coming over daily, clearly not able to take care of herself and I sincerely regret that now, not calling Adult Protect Services at that time. I
    had been given the phone number of a son in the Midwest so I would call him a lot and tell him “she needed a caregiver”.

    The caregiver he sent was his brother “Joe” now “Joe “. A convicted felon”hadn’t seen his mom in many many years because he’s been in prison for selling Cocaine. Joe is here now, drinks at least a 12 pack a beer a day and he doesn’t have a drivers license and never will since he owes over $9k in fines...so he drives his mom around, drunk, high with no license. It’s a sad long story I’ve been living with for 2 plus years now. Next he brought home a puppy...mom tripped on the puppy and broke 2 bones in her ankle, so now is in a wheel chair for ever, her bones are too brittle to heal. Her son “Joe” works all around phase 2 doing handy man work...sometimes he works with a handyman named Jack, military type, sometimes with a guy names Bob unloading moving vans ...but...who’s taking care of mom?
    So mom is alone again and not taking care of herself. I’ve been yelled at by Joe for turning them in, ok that’s fine. What to do....What to do...
    some many other neighbors turning a blind eye.
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  2. aggie

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    Don't give up reporting or contacting someone to follow up on your neighbor's status. You may be the only advocate she has. Since you seem to have access to the internet there are many ways to contact the proper authorities. Here's a very valuable site: https://www.azag.gov/seniors/senior-abuse
  3. Momsdream

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    Thanks Aggie, not the best introduction post, I apologize and thanks for your advice, I believe I’ve found another option.
  4. Cynthia

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    If you found a good option perhaps you could share it for others who might have a need.
  5. 3rdGen

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    Welcome to the forum Ellie, call a TV station

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