Do Numbers Matter?

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    I don’t believe there should be an override to the terms the courses were taken. As you say, golfers have got a real bargain for the last 15 years. It is time for them to pony up and pay their fair share for the use of the courses.
    I think what this is all going to come down to is a board/membership meeting that will be the first time a member quorum is reached. All over the cost of golf to members and the majority of the community.
  2. EDUCATION. You can't try to fix something if you don't understand it!
    These posts by Bill are enlightening. If you are looking for a white knight, keep on looking.
    There may be some white knights borne once they understand and pick their battle. It will take many battles to potentially win the war.
  3. Please don't quit!
  4. Could be a facebook permissions issue. Something you own and you can see it, but others don't have permission.
    Maybe you could put the photo on Google Photos, Amazon Photos, or some other site and share it.
  5. I think the key here is QUOREM. I haven't looked, but if Proxies are allowed, we may get a quorum.
    I don't have time to research this. Does anyone know the answer?
    Are proxies allowed?
    What are the rules for obtaining proxies?

    If we get a quorum, what will be do? We need to be organized as members. I believe members can make a motion, get a second and vote on it. That is powerful as long as we are ready to use that power. We probably won't get another chance for a year.
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    Restated Articles of Incorporation
    December 1990
    Amended November 20, 2003

    Article XIII
    The Members of the Corporation shall be provided with the opportunity to vote by proxy in:

    a. Amending the Articles of Incorporation

    b. Members amending the Bylaws of the Corporation

    c. The election of Directors*

    d. Any other matter requiring an act of the members

    *If the Bylaws provide for voting by mail in the election of Directors, the above-stated Proxy vote will not apply to the election of Directors.

    Article XIV
    An amendment to the Restated Articles of Incorporation may be proposed by resolution of the Board of Directors or by petition signed by at least ten percent (10%) of the total membership of the Corporation as of the first day of the preceding July. The proposed amendment shall be submitted to a vote of the Members at a regular or special meeting called pursuant to the provisions of the Bylaws.

    The proposed amendment shall be adopted or rejected by a majority vote of the Members, present or represented by proxy at such meeting or adjourned meeting.

    ***Launched search in Corporate Bylaws for “proxy or proxies” had ZERO finds.
  7. I don't know that this answers my question. A quorum is needed to hold a members meeting where member business can occur.
    What kind of proxy is required? What form must the be in, so as to comply. Worse thing is to have an signed proxies and be told they are invalid for some technical or legal reason. That's my question.
    Is there a different proxy to propose a motion and vote on it?
    What is the process?

    Does a proposed amendment need to be submitted in advance of gathering proxies?
    Lots of procedural issues here (IMHO).
    This board is not known for its flexibility or reasonableness.
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    You’re welcome, happy to have located the information that is available on proxies.

    Bread crumbs for the answers to your other questions:
    Corporate Bylaws have the details for member initiated amendment process.
    (As previously stated, no mention of proxies)
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