Can I Rent First to Check Out Sun City?

Discussion in 'Sun City New Members' started by Near&Far, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Near&Far

    Near&Far New Member

    I will be visiting next week, and am planning the big move within a year. But--can I rent an apartment at Sun City for the first few months to check out the pros and cons?

    On I read that RCSC membership is for SC property owners only, but that renters can buy a Privilege Card. Is the cost still $60 per month, and does the card allow access to everything?

    Thanks to all.
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  2. pegmih

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    Be sure to go to the Visitor Center located across the courtyard from the Bell Library. They have lots of info about SC and the surrounding area. They also have a FREE bus tour of SC and just might (very strong might) have space available when you are here. The Bus tour is very popular and fills up fast. I will be working there this Wednesday afternoon (12-28-2016). The main Visitor Center is being remodeled and is now in a temporary "building" - still by library.
  3. waynes

    waynes New Member


    Yes you can rent in sun city,there are quite a few rentals available.We found ours on Craig's list
    I would recommend at least six months,we rented for a year and then started looking.We changed our minds on a few things after living here for awhile.You can get privilege card
    by the month,three months or a year,they will explain all your options.Everyone is very helpful here.Sun city is a great place we love it here.
  4. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Realtor and Trulia also have Sun City rental listings, with photos.
  5. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    Yes, both good sites as well as Zillow for finding rentals and sales. They are pretty thorough and Zillow usually has a link to the Maricopa County Tax Assessor site.

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