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Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by Michael Wendel, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. Flame on (rant)

    I'm getting sick of the Avatars and Aliases in these forums. I think I'll take a hiatus from posting anything,
    I want to know who is making the comments. Not just some alias name and a picture.

    Could be a board member.
    Could be a non-resident of Sun City.
    Could be someone important.


    Flame off (rant over)
  2. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Over the 20 years i have been posting on boards like this, i've seen, heard and had this argument. I elect to use my own name, i find it holds me to a higher standard, or at least it means i have to take ownership of what i write. That said, others have convinced me in the value of anonymity. When sites allow the freedom of choice, i respect their right to do whatever they are comfortable with. The simply reality is, way more people read than post. If some feel more comfortable logging in under an alias not a problem for me. In fact, i wish we could get more people to log in and comment.
  3. OneDayAtATime

    OneDayAtATime Active Member

    I don't care how you register to TOSC but it sure would be nice to see others post beside me, Mike, Bill, FYI, SCR, aggie, Carole, Eyes-Open, Independent Cynic, etc. Let us know your thoughts!
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  4. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    " where users post messages to hold a discussion around a given topic."

    I wish at times I knew who it was that was posting a message, other times, I am grateful for their anonymity as well as mine. The whole idea is to seek in put towards the subject. If it is deemed necessary to put who you are and why you are here, kind of defeats the reason for these types of boards.

    The way I see it, if you feel strongly enough about your opinion, and are willing to defend it, there should be no reason for names, identities or pictures. Shouldn't this be considered a tenet of free speech?

    It is going to be difficult enough to get new people to sign into a new Sun City website without the fear of reprisal. Yes, it could be a board member, but what the heck, they read everything on here anyway. Yes, I do feel strongly in not having any more of our rights foisted away because someone couldn't defend their position and maintain decorum
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  5. Say What

    Say What Active Member

    Because of the old forum my wife got blackballed by rcsc for comments that I had made and would not hire her to a position sorry SOB's pull things against you and your family for making comments so brother if you got a problem not knowing the people are I guess you're going to have to deal with the problem they will hold it against you I promise you this and there's nothing you can do about it. And Carol you cry about shit everyday. Why didn't you do something about it when you're on the board just like everybody else you went along with everything just saying.
  6. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    Say what, I defend your right to share your opinions. I do take exception to being called out about the time I spent on the board as well as what may or may not have been accomplished
    . I do find your incessant whining with no practical back up plans to be a worthless endeavor. At least I served to the best of my ability while serving on the board. And how many years do you have serving as a board member? How much time have you spent crying on these boards and what have you done to affect a positive outcome?
    I fought hard and long for the members, what did you do?

    You also hide behind an alias, while I have my name out there. It would appear to this writer you should be aware of who you are insulting and why, as it is clearly your intent to stay in the bushes and throw rocks.

    I would be most honored to meet you in person to further discuss you inability to come forward and offer up who you are. I have a lot on my plate right now, but will make time to listen to what you feel is your salient points presented on these threads.
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  7. IndependentCynic

    IndependentCynic Active Member

    I respect your position MW -- in our democracy we have the right to know our accusers. OTOH, anonymous commentary has often helped make America great -- throughout history pseudonyms and aliases have been used to expose societal shortcomings. America's Founding Fathers regularly used the shield of pseudonyms in political essays during the era of the American Revolution: Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.. “Common Sense,” the Federalist essays and the “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania” were all published without an author's byline.

    I personally experienced retribution by both clubs and the RCSC for speaking out critically on the old Independent forum (where I used my real name for a while). Hence, my IC alias. Those in power can be pretty vindictive when criticized, even when the facts clearly show they are in the wrong. And in today's world of growing tribalism people who don't even know you feel empowered take overt action against you just because you have different beliefs than they do. Regardless of the good things they provide, the RCSC is an oppressive corporation who bullies and ignores its membership on many fronts.
  8. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Let me start by just saying, i am never quite sure whether to laugh or cry when i read some of the comments on this site.I guess the one thing about say what is, there's never a question on where they stand or how they feel. As far as Carole's time on the board, i was stunned to see how badly she was treated. I went in there looking for a fight, she wanted to get stuff done and was thwarted nearly every step of the way.
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  9. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    Thank you Bill, you thoughfulness is appreciated.
  10. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    MW wrote:
    "I'm getting sick of the Avatars and Aliases in these forums. I think I'll take a hiatus from posting anything,
    I want to know who is making the comments. Not just some alias name and a picture."

    My first reaction was to use a phrase my teenagers occasionally tried "You're not the boss of me!!!". Yes, this forum allows avatars and anonymity so it's up to each individual to decide if they want to join in on the conversations. There are some that I've let know who I am but there is nothing I would change about my posting if I had my photo posted. Who says Aggie is not my real name? In fact I was named after my paternal grandmother and she had the same nickname.

    There are some that I'm glad I don't know their real life identity. How embarrassing to see them in person and recall some of their posts. So, post on ghosts and real people. We welcome any and all here on TOSC!
  11. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Carole- Don't take anything SW said personally. You put in your time and effort but were roadblocked so many times. Stay well.
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  12. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    Aggie thank you for your support. I don't listen to anything Say What says as it is usually a bunch of bellyaching with no solutions. Just more of the same.

    i am doing well, and hope to be back to my old self soon. Thanks for the good wishes. Here i hoping all is well with you and your family as
  13. I stand by my initial assertion "I want to know who is making the comments. Not just some alias name and a picture."

    This is just my humble opinion. Anybody can hide behind a wall and shout out things. Doesn't mean much to me. I have more respect for an opinion if its stated out in the light. Regardless if I agree or not. If I don't know who you really are, I don't really care. That is my right. I do believe in the first amendment! Talk all you want. Nothing says I have to listen.
  14. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    Mike, I support your position. My most recent round of postings can attest to the desire to wish I knew every poster and who they are for real. It is truly not appropriate to attack someone or their opinions unless you are willing to come out from behind your false bravado.

    I confide in those I know and trust to be a reliable source and resource. I understand how raucous the old Newszap board was, as everyone was an open target, irrespective of what their personal issues or standing was. I also fully comprehend we are not at that same position now, as there are many of us who use our real name and picture.

    I also agree that those who would flagrantly defile and belittle others while using a useless moniker to avoid being found out should not be paid attention to, nor given the opportunity to degrade or debase the wonderful events happening on TOSC these days. There are indeed First Amendment rights, but there also limits to those protections.

    Mike, I am most happy to stay up to date and involved with your posts, they are most informative and are direct. I appreciate that.
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  15. suncityjack

    suncityjack Member

    One just has to read forums like the old Newszap or NextDoor to learn that unfortunately many of our neighbors are far from neighborly. As a matter of fact they can be downright scary with their in-your-face hateful comments, direct and implied threats, unwanted phone messages, vandalism, etc. Some of us are far more sensitive and far more vulnerable than others and if we can feel safer by a veil of anonymity, so be it. If you really think it matters that much to know who's who, you can always PM them and ask--just because they don't want a community-wide/trollers reveal doesn't mean they wouldn't be comfortable with someone they "know" via posts to know who they are. And maybe some day those would wish to could meet at a "reveal" get together....
  16. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    The good old days of Newszap; who can forget it. I was kicked off 8 times, or was it 9? Seems my friends on the right who told me they wanted to engage in lively debate hated when i used their stick it in the ear tactics to respond and whine to the admin at every opportunity. I signed on with my real name but was booted within weeks, every rebirth was with a new more outrageous alias and persona. Oh to be young(er) and frivolous again.

    We also talked any number of times about a meet and greet with posters here, but alas it was never to be. Hope all is well scj, leaving the board of the Museum at the end of the year, maybe just hanging around doing special projects for them. If you ever get bored, your services there would be a welcome addition.
  17. suncityjack

    suncityjack Member

    All this avatar talk reminded me of how I learned how to build a cartoon avatar during the summer reading program the library held (good program btw, learning to access online reading, earning fun swag, etc.) I figured as a creature of the night as well as day I'd create a "baterfly", so was gonna attach it to give folks a chuckle, but seems to be server troubles....
    BP: Yeah, Newszap got pretty lively at times--this forum seems to have better mannered participants.
    Well who knows, someone may take the TOSC meet and greet idea and run with it one of these days....
    Even though you'll be off the Museum board, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing you'll still be doing special projects for them!
    I'm never going to get bored, but hope one day I can actually life enough under control to take on projects again and then Museum possibilities will be near the top of the list for sure.
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  18. IndependentCynic

    IndependentCynic Active Member

    There's no better way to silence someone than to force them to personally air their opinions when they feel uncomfortable doing so -- it's a form of bullying and an effective method to control them. Would more members speak at board meetings if they didn't have to give their name and rec card number? I'd bet yes! I personally see no correlation between believability and knowing the person's real name -- eg, a recent president spoke something like 30,000 lies publicly -- we all knew his real name, they were still lies. What someone says is what builds respect for them -- their actual name is not very relevant.
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  19. carptrash

    carptrash Active Member

    It looks as if you have been here a month and now you are telling us how the site should be run. Interersting.
  20. Say What

    Say What Active Member

    I was thinking the same exact thing when this thread was started but thought I'd lay back to see what would happen or if anyone felt the same way. The first thing that came to mind is (correct me if I am wrong) is that you seem to be a little bit of a bully and a control freak. You seem to have a bad temper with a short fuse. Just my observation. If you want to start a private forum where you can have complete control and the power to censor material that doesn't fit your own agenda, I say good luck. As I said before, the other forum was a joke and when I was outed because my views didn't match some of the people who ruined what could have been a good place my wife paid the price. Many of them were ARS trouble makers. As a matter of fact I think they hacked into the system and had everybodys IP numbers. The forum owners lost control of that board.
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