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Thread: Monsopn damage

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    Monsopn damage

    Yesterday I learned that the roofs of several houses in my condo association were damaged during monsoons.
    Most moderately - a few loose shingles that association will cover.
    One severely that owner has to pay several thousand $ to fix and insurance will not cover due to a variety of reasons.
    Something to do with age of roof.

    Anyone else?

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    Here in CO we got lots of rain and some hail with lots more on the way, our insurance company said roofs older than 16 years are not covered. Our roof is 20 years old, but lucky for us I was able to do repairs.
    We got snow on the higher peaks yesterday, I guess the good news is all that mountain moisture heads downhill into the Colorado river.

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    How can I find out the age of my roof?

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    Roofing companies are all to eager to tell you about your roof. If you find an honest one they can give you a pretty close estimate of your roof age.
    My asphalt shingle roof is 19 years old and the gutters get a fairly large amount of granules deposited in them indicating that needing a new roof is not too far off.
    A simple check for a asphalt shingle roof:
    - The shingles aren't shedding a lot of granules.
    - The shingles aren't curled.
    - The vent pipe rubber seals aren't brittle and cracked (still look like they have a good seal).
    If you don't see the above, then your roof probably has a fair amount of life left.
    I take a look at mine every year when I clean out the gutters.

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    During the recent monsoons, I noticed granules on my courtyard.
    Guess that is a bad sign. Right?
    Gutters have not been cleaned in a few years.
    Time to put one of my kids to work

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    Loosing some granules is normal as the roof ages, if an inspection shows any shingles bare of granules that is bad.
    Yeah, put the kids to work. I suspect cleaning gutters in AZ is much less of a concern than CO.

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